For decades, the bedroom has not attracted much interest in furniture choices. Over time, things have changed, houses have changed shapes and needs

For decades, the bedroom has not attracted much interest in interior design choices. Over time, things have changed, houses have changed their shapes and needs. And contrary to what one might think, the sleeping area is one of the areas of the home where most of the day is spent: it is the room for rest, reading, meditation, personal preparation for a day’s work or an evening with friends. It is therefore important that the bedroom is functional and comfortable and that it displays a style similar to the rest of the rooms in the house.

Bedroom furniture: inspirations and suggestions

The current fashion for bedrooms is mainly based on functionality and simplicity, characteristics derived from the modern Nordic-inspired style . In particular, the modern vision of furnishing the room for sleeping is designed to be above all rational. Hence the decision to opt for furniture with clean and at the same time harmonious lines , which should be perfectly matched to the other elements of the home furnishings.

Tavolino Tower firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa:  Tower side table

Bedroom furniture: which furniture to choose

The bed. As for the double bed, the basic choice is between a classic bed or a container bed. The second option provides extra storage without adding other elements and is useful in the case of a small wardrobe or lack of drawers. On the other hand, the classic bed allows much more play on style, just think of suspended beds and beds with more modern and distinctive shapes.

The wardrobe. It is the element that most strongly expresses the chosen style in addition to its fundamental function, which is to enclose clothes and linen. With four or six doors, an ideal element for a self-respecting sleeping area. Its size will also depend on the size of the room. Placing a large piece of furniture in a small room would certainly have a bad effect.
Walk-in wardrobe. First of all, a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room should always only be accessible from private rooms. It should be close to the bedroom, possibly forming a kind of transition room between the room and the bathroom.

Dressers and bedside tables. Dressers and bedside tables are the most characteristic elements of the bedroom area, but sometimes have to be sacrificed to make room for indispensable furniture such as a bed and wardrobe, or perhaps to accommodate a bookcase. Dressers and bedside tables emphasise the chosen style of the bedroom in a marked way, their choice should not be underestimated at all.

Lamps. The elegance of floor lamps is an essential and aesthetically impactful solution. If, on the other hand, you are opting for a pendant lamp, you should go for a precious material with important decorative shapes or large formats that guarantee a definite impact on the environment.
Carpets The carpet is the complementary furnishing element par excellence: it must be able to harmonise with the environment and the furniture. Carpet patterns are multiple, the most up-to-date being patchwork suitable for informal living, vintage revisited in a modern key, optical in pastel tones, and floral with embossed decorations.

Lampada Pandora firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa:  Pandora Lamp

Choosing a style that respects your personality

Minimalist style. A style that is very much in vogue at the moment, stripping the room of everything that is not strictly necessary. The sleeping area thus furnished is characterised by the extreme essentiality of all its parts. Beds, for example, will be simple, often without a headboard or small in size. The other elements of the room are also influenced by this style, such as the wardrobes, which will be rational, essential and bare.

Rich style. As the bedroom is a very private room, it is also possible to furnish it in a more personal way by inserting various furnishing accessories. For example, if space permits, you can make the bedroom a true oasis of relaxation by inserting a comfortable armchair or chair and a coffee table. You can choose to include a bookcase either as a separate piece of furniture or included in the chosen type of wardrobe (e.g. bridge). All these elements give the bedroom character and personality, making it a place of refuge from everyday life and not just a room dedicated to rest.

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