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Thus, between the Seventies and Eighties, the new plant was opened and the Bontempi Casa brand was born, featuring new collections of tables, chairs, stools, and accessories. Constant improvement in the quality of its products and production processes leads Bontempi Casa to develop a galvanic plant to offer its clients a life-long guarantee on its chrome- and gold-plated parts.
In 1987, the Jury of the XIV edition awards the Compasso d’oro to the “Delfina” lounge chair for its skilful use of different technologies in poetic synthesis, as well as its structural and ergonomic performance”. During these years the production plant is further expanded and techniques are refined to increasingly and industrially produce quality furniture. The launch of the new LETTI DESIGN line follows in 2002, with an increasingly marked search for design and comfort.

Backed by the excellent results of its upholstered products, and a continuous strive to perfect its technologies and processing of materials, BONTEMPI DIVANI is created in 2004 accompanied by the launch of a new product line, INGENIA CASA, which proposes practical solutions suited to any living style. Youthful design, excellent quality, functional products, all with utmost attention to detail and masterful workmanship, in line with latest trends, satisfying design and comfort needs. A new brand born from the relentless search for solutions and styles, offering living and bedroom solutions at very competitive prices.

Our Mission

Thanks to a healthy balance between tradition and innovation, the Bontempi Casa collections skilfully interpret living and contract spaces, with products that can be inserted in either existing or custom projects. We propose a genuine living philosophy that reflects personal styles and natures; since the outset, innovation has forever been the protagonist alongside a tailor-made […]

Our values

Every year, we invest in increasingly innovative and cutting-edge machinery, tools, and programming software, with a view to continuously improving the quality of our products. We wish to maintain a well-defined and recognisable identity, which breaks the mould of stylistic conventions, fashions, and short-term trends. The processes and finishes are carried out using treatments without […]

Our Social

We consider workplace safety to be of utmost importance and collaborate with selected suppliers sensitive to the issue of sustainability. We are committed to maintaining a pleasant work environment, respecting those who work with us and offering them opportunities for further training and development. We support local initiatives such as sports; a love for our […]

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