Since Ancient Rome to 2020, the Italian tradition has handed down the importance of August 15 to us. Let's find out more about this holiday and celebrate it greatly in the garden or veranda

In Italy, August 15 is celebrated as “Mid-August Day”Ferragosto in Italian. This name comes from the Latin feriae Augusti (Augustus’ s rest), in honour of Octavian Augustus, the first Roman Emperor, from whom August takes its name. All over the Empire, parties and horse races were organized, and draft animals, exempted from work in the fields, were adorned with floral wreaths overt this month. For a while Ferragosto was celebrated on August 1, but celebrations kept going until August 13, dedicated to goddess Diana. Just then it has been moved to the 15 that was the day in the middle of the month.

Italian Mid-August celebrations: from Pagan party to Catholic party

Diesis tables and Hidra chairs
Diesis tables for outdoors and Hidra chairs made of polypropylene for outdoors.

Born as a Pagan holiday, Mid-August was later assimilated by the Catholic Church and, around the seventh century, the Assumption of Mary began to be celebrated on August 15. The dogma of the Assumption (recognized as such only in 1950) establishes that the Virgin Mary was received into heaven with both soul and body.

Why do we love celebrating Mid-August at home?

Pattern and Gipsy chair
Pattern, both coffee table and pouf, made in lacquered metal; Gipsy chair in polypropylene for outdoors.

Thanks to its long history, Mid-August has come down to 2020 and it is still a much-loved holiday in Italy. Not surprisingly, it coincides with the companies’ closure and with the summer holidays of the Italians. At Mid-August everything stops, slows down, and focus shifts to wellness, relaxation and fun.

Given the closure of many clubs, restaurants and common areas, August 15 is a perfect day to set up parties, lunches and dinners – as a picnic, buffet, or around a sitting table – at home. The only “rule” is staying together.

Within the walls of our home, sharing is increasingly sincere and authentic. With friends, family, partners and our beloved pets as well, Mid-August can be celebrated in the garden, with a large buffet table or on the veranda, with some coloured chairs and snacks served on pretty coffee tables. And if you have a swimming pool, too that’s it: the perfect August 15 for both adults and children is set.

Diesis table and Aria chairs
Diesis table, with a lacquered metal structure and anti-scratch crystal top. Aria chairs in polycarbonate also suitable for outdoors.


Grills, brunches, lunches, dinners, afternoon snacks with ice cream. Everything is allowed, depending on what you like the most. The perfect outdoor set-up for mid-August includes many coloured dishes, light curtains and tablecloths; resistant outdoor materials, lights for nightfall, books and magazines, music and board games.

Bontempi Casa tip: you may place a few soft poufs all around the garden (or along the courtyard), perhaps in the corners covered by trees so those can be the special places for reading, napping and chilling out.

Happy Mid-August!

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