Our entrances and wardrobe-rooms need refined, colourful and original coat hangers: here's what to choose.

Are we paying the right attention to our coat hangers? They often end up in a corner and, for most of the year, they are all covered in jackets and coats, scarves and hats. If we look for particular coat hangers, however, it means that we are on the right track to make this simple object an important part of our home. Whether positioned at the entrance, in the bedroom or in the area dedicated to the wardrobe, in fact, the coat rack deserves an identity, and it must be combined with other elements such as tables or magazine racks.

Hula coat hanger – traditional with charm


A floor coat hanger that, with its minimal and elegant lines, can change the appearance of an entrance making the environment immediately more precious. Hula is composed of three pairs of lacquered metal sticks that by intersecting create an asymmetrical structure completed with a horizontal ring. Positioned at the entrance, it welcomes you and your guests with elegance.

Alga coat hanger – colourful in style


Among the particular coat hangers there are certainly those proposed in bright shades such as the Alga model by Bontempi Casa, available in different tints including coral red. A touch of colour that can be noticed even when covered in jackets and coats. Its structure, made of swivelling hooks, is inspired by nature and resembles a tree. It is the ideal choice for a young and dynamic home, where it can be easily placed either at the entrance or in the bedroom.

Battista coat rack – artistic with personality


A coat rack that can be unconventional and minimalist at the same time. Is it even possible? Yes, it is and Battista, a classic model of timeless design, is the evidence. It is in fact a floor coat hanger with five star-shaped hooks, designed with clean and gentle lines.

It’s perfect for an entrance that is spacious enough to also have a small utility table where you leave items such as keys or sunglasses. It can also be a good solution for the waiting room of a professional environment.

Far from being a simple functional element, the coat hanger is an important piece of furniture that defines the style of the surrounding environment. Bontempi Casa coat hangers shown above are available in a wide variety of colours – that you can also see online – therefore they can adapt to each and every creative furnishing inspiration.


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