Per ricreare uno stile di arredamento mediterraneo è fondamentale ricordarsi di essere sobri ed essenziali: ambienti puliti, non troppo ricchi, così da richiamare l'idea del mare calmo.

One of the key points of the Mediterranean style is undoubtedly the choice of simple, original furniture that does not burden the room. We must favour light, sunshine, and focus on an essential design with a few well-arranged elements with a maritime flavour. The colours of the sea and sand, the scents of nature, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the summer season are ingredients to be skilfully mixed.

How to choose Mediterranean-style furniture

The Mediterranean coast is famous for its enchanting and lively landscapes. In order to recreate these atmospheres in a home, it is necessary to keep a few fixed points in mind: the question of brightness is very important, never insert elements that could hinder the access of natural light to the interior spaces. To the same end, it is essential to remember to be sober and essential: clean environments, not too rich, so as to evoke the idea of the calm sea.

The materials to be favoured in Mediterranean furniture are wood, glass, plaster,white lime and stone, which are useful for both walls and floors. The choice of colours should always fall on light shades and hues that reflect the natural elements of the southern landscape: starting with white, the undisputed protagonist, perfect for reflecting the sun’s rays. Then space for beige, yellow, ochre and khaki. A little grey and the ever-present blue: the sea being the key element.

Home furnishing: the must-haves of Mediterranean style

The presence of masonry, brickwork and exposed beams isinevitable , especially on the ceiling, where the wood creates a beautiful contrast with the light plaster. Very original and able to give that touch of refinement is wrought iron: ideal for mirrors, lamps and frames. While printed natural fabrics amplify the feeling of warmth and are used for curtains, cushions, sofas and bed linen. Mediterranean-style furniture is generally simple and undecorated, low in height, made of wood and with care to respect the natural colour.
Finally, accessories that evoke the presence of the sea are genuine must-haves : vases and majolica, terracotta decorations, glass and metal objects.

Blow: la lampada da tavolo firmata Bontempi Casa
Blow, Bontempi Casa lamp

Each room takes on character with Mediterranean style

Lounge and living room. This style is perfectly suited for enhancing large spaces: exposed ceiling beams and false ceilings, clean and uncluttered aesthetics, large windowsif possible. For furnishing accessories: light-coloured sofas and armchairs, wooden or even wicker furniture, terracotta and ceramic flower vases. And to finish, a light carpet that echoes the colours of the other fabrics present.

Kitchen. The choice of light colours, romantic or rustic atmosphere, with the inclusion of majolica or ceramic tiles, glazed or hand-decorated, is mandatory. For floors, go for terracotta or ceramic. If the space allows it, insert a large rough wooden table.

Bathroom In this case, stone is the dominant element to make a magical ambience, together with wood. For the walls, create a space in white and blue, playing on colour contrasts. Alternatively, choose white walls, enlivened by a few stone details. A suggestion for some wooden additions? A ladder to be placed on the wall, instead of a towel rail.

Bedroom. In a Mediterranean-style house, references to the landscape of the southern coastline cannot be missing, even in the bedroom. It is essential to choose the right fabrics, to evoke the idea of nature and simplicity. In this respect, raw cotton and linen, both in very light shades, are perfect. Shades inspired by the sun, the earth and the sea, useful not only for bed linen but also for cushions to be placed in different parts of the room. Mediterranean furniture to enrich, without exaggeration: a chest of drawers in rough wood and a couple of bedside tables, to which a few wicker basketscan be added. The real gem is the four-poster bed, which can be made of wood or wrought iron, possibly in white or blue, with fabrics matching the colour used for the other fabrics.

Terrace and garden. The outdoor space can also be customised following the style used for the interior. Starting with the walls, a rough-looking plaster with rounded shapes and asymmetrical lines is recommended. Better to opt for wicker or rattan sofas and armchairs, accompanied by plants and flowers placed in large terracotta pots. Finally, to surprise and to relax, you cannot miss the hammock.

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