Valentine's Day is celebrated in a thousand different ways since 1400, but surprising your loved one with a homemade dinner in your living room is the most beautiful gift of all.

February 14, Valentine’s Day, the feast of lovers. It seems that this anniversary was introduced for the first time to the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer, who associated the celebration with the engagement between Richard II of England and Anna of Bohemia in one of his poems. On February 14, 1400, the High Court of Love was founded – that was an institution inspired by the principles of courtly love, that took care of love disputes between the wealthiest couples of the English society. Since then, until today, Valentine’s Day has been one of the most celebrated pagan holidays in the world.

February 14, 2020. The shop windows are adorned with red decorations, heart-shaped toys, chocolate and candies that tell the love in the form of glazes and pralines. Gaia is thinking what Valentine’s Day gift should she give to Andrea. She would like to surprise him with something special, but at the same time she would prefer not to buy junk food or plastic gadgets. Walking through the streets of the town, she stops in front of a design showroom with many pieces of furniture. She feels fascinated by a particularly elegant living room with burgundy leather armchairs and a black veined marble table… So, she gets an idea.

sgabelli Kuga
Kuga bar stool made in terracotta-coloured leather; Alfred coffee table in lacquered metal and Pandora suspension lamp made of perforated lacquered metal.

At 8p.m. sharp Andrea is at the door, with a bouquet of red roses in his hands and a box of chocolates. With candles around, the living room is simply perfectly set up … There is also a golden lamp hanging from the ceiling just above a high table with two stools combined with two glasses of white wine. The romantic aperitif is served and the couple begins to enjoy the evening.

The dining table is prepared for the real dinner: ceramic plates decorated with floral motifs match the water jug, and the chairs are covered with a burgundy fabric that creates the right atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. Gaia has prepared all their favourite dishes, those they like to order at the restaurant, and those making them smile before ordering another portion. A basket with fresh fruit is used as a table centrepiece, while some fruits are scattered between one plate and the other, as they were ornaments, too.

tavolo Supermarmo
Echo In table with unicolor top

The evening keeps going pleasantly. Andrea appreciates all courses, and then he offers to wash the dishes. The red roses perfume the living room, after being carefully placed in a glass vase. The candles have now run out, and the chocolates have been eaten – that is yet another sign that dinner has been very much appreciated by both of them.

Before going to sleep and ending the wonderful Valentine’s evening, Gaia sits on the soft pouf in front of her desk with the round mirror – it’s her favourite moment of the day, when she takes a little self-care with face and body lotions and some beauty treatment.

scrittoio Vanity
Vanity desk, with a lacquered metal structure, top and drawer in melamine
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