Among trips, vintage objects collected from every corner of the world, two dogs and a two-meter Kenzia, Amelia Manuela talks about herself to our Journal. Her house represents her ideas, her taste, her vision of the world.

My name is Amelia Manuela Persechino, aka Manuela Sunshine. I work in a showroom, I deal with sales and distribution for a fashion brand. I am divided between the office in Milan and my home, in the suburbs, in Corsico. But in my heart there is also London, where I lived for many years.

If you ask me “How is your home?”, I would answer “a construction site!” – I recently moved from a two-rooms apartment to a three-rooms apartment, with my partner Daniele. The house is slowly taking shape: the thing I like most is the terrace, where even my two beloved dogs – Jonathan and Tigrissa, both adopted from a dog shelter – can relax.

But my favourite room in the house is the living room: for me it must always be bright, spacious and have, in fact, a nice terrace from which to look out.

I love the living room of this new house to death because in my free time I lie down on the sofa, under a huge two-meter Kenzia that brightens up the space with its bright green shade, in front of the 50 inches TV screen on which I watch – in fact, I devour – travel documentaries and Netfilx. When I travel for work or pleasure, the sofa, the terrace and the bathtub are the things I miss most. After Jonathan and Tigrissa, of course.















In the entrance I have a large modern antique mirror, essential, with a wooden frame, and a small console where I leave the keys of the house and the leashes of my dogs. In the kitchen I have some Caltagirone pots, in which I put fresh flowers and also fruit, sometimes. In my bedroom, my favorite object is the Berber carpet: it reminds me of the idea of

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