We will soon come back to meet at our favorite restaurants to share the pleasure of the table, but also of a well-designed environment

How to furnish a restaurant? Now there are no more doubts, good food and good design are a winning combination. The décor of a restaurant plays a really important role in defining the customer experience, and should be in harmony with all the other elements – from the menu to the mise en place – to tell a story that conquers the heart as well as the palate. Personality, therefore, but also comfort and functionality to ensure a pleasant experience, are the elements to keep in mind to set up a successful restaurant.

Certainly these are complicated times for catering, between closures and new rules to follow. Professionals and cooking enthusiasts, everyone has to deal with the limitations imposed by the pandemic. Despite the great difficulties, thinking about the future with optimism is the key to being ready when they would finally reopen as before. For some, the forced closure could be the time to stop and take a closer look at their business, the goals achieved but also the points that could be improved or renewed, starting with the decor of the restaurant. Here are some tips, with an eye to the most interesting trends.

how to furnish a restaurant
Mood chair with armrests, lacquered steel frame and polypropylene shell upholstered and frontally covered in Pure Virgin Wool. Vincent coffee tables with lacquered steel base and laminate top.

The open kitchen, to begin with, is a trend that’s more alive than ever. Some define it as a real philosophy, that sees customers eager to be involved and participate in the preparation of the dishes they are about to taste. In this particular situation, it also emphasizes how the pleasure of going to a restaurant does not end with the taste of the dishes but includes a broader experience, in which the surrounding environment is more important than ever.

After years of minimalism, then, the desire for color has returned to make itself felt among the trends for restaurant furnishings. Choosing particular shades and playing with original combinations may therefore prove to be a winning card to give a greater connotation to the restaurant’s identity, as long as a harmonious color palette is defined. This way, we will have a pleasant and captivating environment, that will also entice customers to take pictures to share with friends on their social channels: an aspect that should not be underestimated for the furnishing of a modern restaurant. A simple but certainly not obvious way to renovate the premises with a touch of color is represented by chairs: the Bontempi Casa catalog offers different proposals of chairs dedicated to contract furniture that can be declined in a wide range of colors, from classic to the more modern ones. With the padded and upholstered models, you can also play with the textures of the materials, from elegant premium leather to soft wool through nubuck, velvet and many others. The online configurator can certainly help you unleash your imagination and discover all the available options.

Restaurant furniture
Mood chair with or without armrests, lacquered steel frame and polypropylene shell, upholstered and covered in velvet on the front. Alis coffee tables with lacquered steel base and stratified top.

Finally, always current and never out of fashion are the attention to details and the typical ability of Italian contract design to combine aesthetics and functionality in a harmonious whole. The sitting must have well-finished shapes and be comfortable, to go from appetizers to dessert without noticing the passing of time. The tables will have to adapt to the management of the space, ensuring the correct distance between the different groups of customers but also the possibility of being united, soon, in large tables. Enhancing the natural light that comes from the windows during the day, and creating soft and pleasant lighting for the evening, can only be an added value – as well as the eye of an expert consultant you can rely on if you want to do a restyling.

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