Polypropylene is a durable material that combines solidity and lightness, for modern and versatile chairs.

They can be placed outside in the garden, but also help us in the kitchen. What are we talking about? Polypropylene chairs, modern and versatile allies of contemporary furniture. Design chairs in synthetic materials are a recent innovation, and in the last 20 years they had a great success helping people in their daily life. Durable, strong but light, easy to maintain, polypropylene chairs lend themselves to different styles and interpretations. Among the most used materials of this type of chairs there is indeed polypropylene, a low-density thermoplastic polymer, very resistant to heat, impact and abrasion.

Bontempi Casa polypropylene chairs are made of scratch and stain resistant polypropylene, that combines solidity and lightness. Therefore, these chairs are not only a good-looking product, but they can also be used both for indoor and outdoor as they are resistant to atmospheric agents. You can use them to furnish the porch or the veranda, placing them around a central dining table. They are also perfect for furnishing contract spaces such as restaurants and hotels.

Modern polypropylene chairs like Aqua are ideal seats for outdoors as they are waterproof and resistant to sun and rain, so you can place them even by the pool. Light and stackable, they are very useful for those who like to invite guests at home for garden parties and dinners with friends. You can choose among several nuances available, for example the refined Sand version is also suitable to furnish an indoor environment, maybe a bedroom.

Chairs in polypropylene and fiberglass

With great attention to innovation and the performance of its products, Bontempi Casa enriches its catalogue with chairs made of polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass, a material that guarantees maximum stability over time, thermal and mechanical resistance.

Galaxy chairs
Galaxy chairs with and without armrests with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

The iconic Galaxy chair, available in many different shades, with or without armrests and in a stool version, shows the great versatility of modern polypropylene and fiberglass chairs.

Among the polypropylene and fiberglass chairs there is also Gipsy, that has elegant and enveloping lines. Ideal for outdoors, it lends itself perfectly to be used also in the kitchen and it can be easily combined with a dining table. Scratch-proof and impact-resistant, in case of stains it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Polypropylene is a material that guarantees maximum functionality and ease of use, but also an elegant and modern design that can be declined in different colours, from classic pop, to match with all styles.

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