Un racconto per le feste che esplora l’ambiente domestico nel momento più magico dell’anno.

It’s 6.00 AM, it’s still dark outside. You can see the city lights in the distance outside the window. Giacomo is already awake. After all tonight Santa Claus has come. Silent, he goes down the stairs and arrives at the kitchen: the table is full of stacked plates, glasses and cutlery. Everything is almost ready for lunch, there is also a panettone that is leavening, covered by a cotton cloth. “Grandma cooks really well” thinks Giacomo, who already has a watering mouth. There will also be the traditional capon stuffed with chestnuts, and many appetizers. “Yay!”.

After stealing a cookie from the cupboard, Giacomo runs into the living room. The Christmas tree has been lit since the night before. The silver decorations shine in the dark and make the multitude of coloured packages that have been placed underneath shine. The golden gifts sparkle like stars in the eyes of the boy, who has been waiting for December 25 for a long time.

He would like to unwrap one but thinks that his mother would be angry. Surely, he will not be able to get back to sleep, he is too excited! Suddenly he has an idea: he drags one of the soft poufs bought by his father, a true design lover, near the living room closet. He goes up and begins searching for plates and saucers, trying not to make any noise.


Mirage, extendable table, structure in lacquered metal and top in white-veined grey SuperMarble; Mila chairs with metal frame, upholstered seat and back.

It’s 9.00 AM, the alarm rings. Cecilia opens her eyes: it’s snowing outside. Wonderful! Stretching herself, she goes to her son’s room, to give him the good news: it’s Christmas! But she doesn’t find him in his bed, so she goes into the kitchen, but he’s not there either. When she arrives at the living room, Cecilia finds a surprise: little Giacomo has set the table for everyone! There are the sub-plates that had been placed in the kitchen, the smaller dishes for the appetizer, wooden napkin rings, and even the centrepiece – a bit botched, with dry branches, candles and puppets. After a hug and a wish for a Merry Christmas, Cecilia prepares breakfast for everyone, while Giacomo, all cheerful, goes to wake up dad.

Shortly after, the whole family is reunited. Including the grandparents, who slept in the guest room. The scent of smoked salmon on the butter tarts is mixed with the capon that sizzles in the oven. It is finally lunch time, and the table is already set. To welcome the other guests, Cecilia and Marco open the round table that extends and creates space without cluttering (link Giro table). Now there is room for everyone.


Imperial rectangular table with elliptical top in solid wood, bracelet structure in lacquered metal; Sveva wooden armchairs in solid wood with armrests and covered in leather.

The family’s Christmas lunch continues in its traditions: after the main course, the aunt feels full and goes for a little walk; then it’s time for dessert, a star-shaped pandoro with raspberry cream. Cecilia decorates it with sparklers. It is now time to play bingo and card games, while the little one naps on the sofa.

Some friends come by and Marco makes tea for everyone and uses a practical food trolley with glass shelves (Chic trolley link) to serve it to the guests. Everyone sits on the porch, facing the window overlooking the garden: the sun is going down, it has stopped snowing, but that magical day has left a thin white veil on the grass. Guests are comfortably seated on the armchairs; they talk about old memories and have fun.

Evening comes and, once the guests have left, Cecilia and Marco put Giacomo to bed. They now enjoy a quiet moment, sitting on the sofa in front of the shining Christmas tree. “Despite the effort to prepare everything, Christmas with the family is always a special moment” – they agree. And they fall asleep embracing each other, tired but happy. After all, tomorrow is another party!


Magnum round fixed table with concrete base and wooden top; Alfa chairs, solid wood frame, monocoque in lacquered wood with padded and quilted cushion.


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