Round, square or rectangular, extendable tables are the solution to many needs. Here's how to choose them according to your house.

Contemporary furniture requires flexibility, and modern extendable tables are the ideal solution for every need. Round or square, with glass, SuperMarble or melamine top, with a minimalist or more elaborate design, they lend themselves to different interpretations and adapt to any style of furniture becoming faithful companions in our everyday life. In the Bontempi Casa catalogue there are several extendable modern tables you can pick for your home.

Modern extendable round tables

With round tables it is easy to harmoniously furnish even the smallest spaces, such as a dining room built on the veranda or a tiny corner in the living room. Without edges, they make the environment look much airier, and they also allow greater freedom of movement. If your choice falls on modern round extendable tables, the perfect space-saving solution is served.

Round table MILLENNIUM
Round extendable table Millennium with lacquered metal structure and crystal top. Nata chairs with metal structure fully padded and covered in Premium leather.

Millennium table has a modern and elegant design, characterized by a lacquered metal structure with legs that cross in a sort of spiral under the top, available in glossy or matt anti-scratch glass. The round top is extendable from the centre, and it turns into eight-seat table.

Giro round extendable table
Giro round extendable table with metal structure and glass top. Seventy chairs with metal structure, padded monocoque and covered in leather.

The design of Giro round extendable table is also modern and original, equipped with a synchronized telescopic opening mechanism. The shape of the extensions recalls two half-moons, and once opened, it becomes a table with ten seats. Available with a column base or with a four-legged structure, it is practical for an everyday use.

Modern extendable square tables

Square tables can be excellent space-saving solutions, because they allow to use space more easily than rectangular ones. Like the round ones, they help conviviality and conversation between all diners. With their clear-cut geometry and a minimalist design, extendable square tables give a feeling of order and regularity to the environment.

Etico console table
Etico console table with structure in lacquered metal, glass top and extensions in aluminium melamine. Galaxy chairs in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

When fully opened, Etico console table becomes an ideal square table for the dining room or living area. With its modern and essential design, then, it easily matches with any style of furniture, and leaves great freedom in the choice of chairs.

Modern extendable rectangular tables

The most classic shape for extendable tables is the rectangular one, or barrel-shape, that comes with rounded corners. It requires a large environment and tends to catalyse attention to its important design – that can be declined in artistic central structure as an alternative to the classic shape with 4 legs.

Artistic extendable table
Artistic extendable table with structure in lacquered metal, top and extensions in veneered wood. Clara chair upholstered and covered, with exposed metal legs.

Artistico is one of the most iconic tables in the Bontempi Casa catalogue and is also available in an extendable version. With the wooden top, it can be the ideal solution to add a natural touch to the environment while maintaining a modern and sophisticated style. This is thanks to its central structure, with legs that intertwine like in a dance, and look good with the top made in SuperMarble or SuperCeramic.

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