Writing tables in wood and more, to organize daily life and write thoughts freely.

The writing desks are furnishing accessories that have an ancient history: they were used by poets like Dante and Petrarca to write their masterpieces; by the singers of stories in the Middle Ages, as a sort of lecterns, and then by Shakespeare and all the writers of the modern era. The desk is a simple table, mostly in wood, small in size, solid and sturdy, with any drawers and storage compartments. Although pen with feather and inkwell with black ink are no longer so popular and have been replaced by tablets and smartphones, the classic wooden writing desks do not seem to have gone out of fashion. Indeed, the design desks cover a good range of customers interested in the world of the interior, especially the lovers of writing.

The beginning of a new year is the right time to set ourselves the goal of organizing more, in daily life and for future projects. To dedicate free time, to write thoughts, to carry out creative activities and even to catalog some useful documents: it is precisely for these reasons that modern writing desks still have a particular value today, even if we are not all poets and artists. But what is meant by a modern desk? It is a reinterpretation of the classic wooden writing desk: minimalist, clean and essential lines, refinement in the finishing of the wood, iconic details.

Consoles and writing desks by Bontempi Casa: these are design solutions created for entry, living room or bedroom, studios and rooms. They are transformable furnishing accessories and multitasking. The Bontempi Casa writing desks can in fact act as a simple table top, or become real design writing desks and, again, practical extendable tables.

Design wooden desks


Secret is the flagship writing desk by Bontempi Casa. Its name shows the purpose for which this design product was conceived: a desk with structure and outer band in lacquered steel, or with an external leather band, 3 practical little leather doors for objects combined with the outer band; It is composed of a wooden top, angled door for secret compartment in lacquered wood or SuperMarble. The female writing desk par excellence, in which to keep precious jewels and diaries filled with words of love.

Modern desks


The Taylor desk by Bontempi Casa is instead a modern desk proposal, with a lacquered steel structure and a top completely covered in leather. A very elegant piece of furniture that lends itself perfectly to furnishing small studios and rooms for writing. In its red leather version it becomes a classy decorative element that enlivens the environment with its bright color.

Classic wooden desks


A simple desk table with structure and 2 containers in lacquered steel, top and 2 drawers in wood. This is Zac, the classic but revisited proposal by Bontempi Casa. Zac is the writing desk designed for lovers of writing and drawing: the raised steel storage tanks allow to have many pens, pencils, brushes and colors underneath, while the worktop is large and functional. The drawers below give further space to the product.

Console desks


Finally, there are also console desks, furnishing accessories ideal for entrances and living rooms. The Artistico console desk by Bontempi Casa is an elegant place to put objects, a small table and a classic and discreet writing desk. It has a lacquered steel structure with elegant lines and design, a top and extensions in lacquered or veneered wood, optional, that allow to extend it and accommodate up to 10 seats. Perfect for those who love simplicity and minimalist taste, but do not give up practicality.

Which desk do you feel most yours? Find it out using the Bontempi Casa configurator!

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