The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine is a decorative effect with a textured effect, available in wood and concrete finishes. Very full-bodied and authentic to the touch and sight.

Thanks to technology, the materials used in the furniture industry are evolving, as well as our taste in design. Among the new generation materials, the most widespread is undoubtedly the Materico melamine. Innovative in its appearance so full-bodied and material, anti-scratch and resistant to heat and impact. The Materico melamine is a versatile and not too expensive material, that can be used as a cover of tables for living rooms and kitchens, it belongs to the family of the so-called “melamine panels” and it is composed of chipboard sheets covered with a paper impregnated with resin – in fact – melamine. That is, a sort of very thin synthetic resin. The texture of a top in Materico melamine comes in different ways, depending on the effect that you want to give.

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine is an extremely versatile material, able to combine functionality and aesthetic quality. The version with a decorative melamine effect, especially in wood and concrete finishes, gives body and reproduces perfectly the characteristics of the raw material, making it authentic and pleasant to the touch and sight.

Why is the Materico melamine material a guarantee of aesthetics and quality at the same time? The resistance to heat and impact is very high, and the material and full-bodied aspect of the surface makes it versatile and transversal for different rooms in the house.

Tom table with lacquered steel structure and cement Materico melamine top

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine tops are equipped with an ABS edging with an aesthetic and protective function, for greater resistance against impact, wear and abrasion. A table with melamine coating is perfect for both the living room and the kitchen, because it is extremely resistant and functional but also elegant in appearance.

Bontempi Casa has just launched the new Materico melamine coating for the Tom table. But also the Chef, Cruz and Cruz XXL, Pascal, Magico, Flash, Etico Plus, Echo In, Dublino and Diesis tables are available with a melamine coating surface. The melamine top is easily combined with lacquered steel structures. The concrete effect is very trendy at the moment and modern and minimal chic to the eye.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

To clean a melamine top it is essential to use a very soft microfiber cloth (of high quality), moistened with warm water, carefully wrung out and carefully dried. However, it is also necessary to dry out any small drops of water and steam that may form, in particular by insisting on the edge of the top. This will prevent water infiltrations that can, over time, damage the product.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

The Materico melamine is a contemporary, immediate, fresh and always current choice. Proof is in the pudding.

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