One of the best childhood memories, to be lived (again) with style and elegance

It is still dark outside, but Andrea is already awake and stretches in his bed. Outside the window he can see the first lights of the city that turn on, while the child scans the landscape in search of some traces of the passage of Santa Claus. The curiosity is such that he cannot help but tiptoe down the stairs and arrive in the living room to go and have a look … Last night before going to sleep he had left everything ready to offer him a nice night snack: a cup of hot milk with biscuits made together with mum and dad on the table next to the armchair near the fireplace, and some fresh apples to feed the reindeers, too. “Well, the saucer is empty now … so he was here!” thinks Andrea.

The silver decorations shine and make the large Christmas tree sparkle with the first light of dawn. And under the tree, a multitude of colorful packages appeared. Trying not to make any noise, Andrea starts touching them to guess their content, hoping to locate the construction box with which he can’t wait to play with his father. The bells hanging from the tree begin to tinkle with the movements of the child who, in order not to be “discovered”, decides to go back to bed immediately. Well, not really right away: first he goes to the kitchen to get some biscuits to munch on in his bedroom while he waits for the alarm to ring.

Alfred coffee table
Alfred coffee table with magazine rack in lacquered steel, top in oak veneered wood.

8.30 am, the alarm rings and a Christmas tune makes Elisa and Lorenzo’s eyes to open. “Merry Christmas, love!” they say to each other practically in unison, then bursting into laughter. They get up and go to their son’s room, certain to find him already awake and ready to start this day of celebration.

After having breakfast all together, they dedicate themselves to the final preparations to set up the Christmas lunch. Elisa sets the table with care, while Lorenzo lights the candles scattered throughout the living room and the strings of lights that decorate the Christmas tree. Above the fireplace there is a holly wreath, and on the shelves are placed squares with the words Merry Christmas. On the sofa, the embroidered cushions and the soft Nordic-themed red plaid complete the cozy atmosphere of the living room.

Tiffany coffee table
Tiffany coffee table with solid wood structure and lacquered steel top. Optional aluminum tray.

Everything is ready to celebrate, the roast sizzles in the oven and outside the windows you can see the first snowflakes in the sky. Even the grandparents arrive, while the sweet and spicy scent of candles spreads throughout the house. There is room for everyone between the sofa and the ottomans, and to Andrea’s delight, the gifts are opened. Among toys, bows and flying ribbons, the “grown-ups” begin to enjoy their first appetizers leaning on the coffee table set up with napkins, cutlery and glasses. “Santa Claus really read my letter!” Andrea exclaims happily.

They sit at the table, and the Christmas lunch continues with its traditions…

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