The table is the furnishing accessory that makes the difference: it testifies more than other objects to the taste of the person who designed and furnished that room.

The table is the furnishing accessory that makes the difference: it testifies more than other objects to the taste of the person who designed and furnished that room. It is no coincidence that, over the past few years, all the big names in design included tables in their catalogues, creating a vast array of models and genres. Different tables for every need and for every type of home, whether spacious or small. Hereare some inspirations and tips on how to choose an extending table or console table.

Kitchen furniture: small tables that make a difference 

Great for a small kitchens, small tables also fit perfectly in open-plan and studio environments . Round are the fanciest models, square the most practical because you can place them on the wall and save space. In this sense, there are also small tables that can be folded up: so-called  folding models.

Furniture tables: which material to choose

In addition to the design, to be understood as the planning of lines and volumes, it is the choice of materials that makes the tables completely different from one another. And, consequently, suitable for different applications in different household areas. Here are the most commonly used materials.

Glass A glass table, however durable it may be, is more suited to the living area. In the kitchen, it can be too delicate. Moreover, glass tables stand out in more airy, open environments, perhaps with solid and distinctive plinths.

Glass-ceramic. Glass ceramic is an innovative material that is much more resistant than traditional ceramics. In recent times, many highly successful models were made of this material.

Iron structure. Tables are composed of two elements, the top and the legs, and are not necessarily made of the same material. In contrast, most tables uniquely combine a heavier, metal base with a lighter top, such as glass. The iron structure perfectly combines different materials from an aesthetic point of view.

Wood Wood remains the preferred material for dining and kitchen tables, both for aesthetic qualities and for practical reasons. The significant differences between one genre and the other arise from the choice of finishes: a wooden table can be veneered , laminated or lacquered.

Extendable tables to customise the living room

In the living room, in a large kitchen or in a covered veranda, extendable tables can become true allies in furnishing the room in a harmonious and novel way. Proposed by the best design brands, they can be found in sizes and shapes to meet any type of need, style, or size of the room. Among the many models, the table that stands out for its originality and flexibility of use is Versus by Bontempi. Fixed and extendable table with aluminium frame lacquered to match the top. Top in Crystal, Scratch Resistant Crystal or SuperMarble.

Designed to fit into both classic and modern settings, there are extendable tables with a width exceeding 100 cm that are made entirely of wood, and others that combine a top in wood and a metal frame. In both cases, innovative mechanisms allow them to be easily opened and closed, depending on the occasion. A large table, whether rectangular, round or oval, should be placed in the centre of the room and enriched with a beautiful lamp,adequate lighting, and elegant and functional chairs. In this regard, the Bontempi Autumn Furniture promo: with the purchase of a sofa and a table of the Casa range, you’ll get 4 Chantal Chairs or 4 Polo Chairs for free.

Il design in Versus: il tavolo di Bontempi Casa
The living room table by Bontempi Casa

Console table or extending console table: guide to choice

Adding a place at the table is no problem if you have a console table: ultimately, the furnishing accessory synonymous with space-saving. There are three major families of extending consoles, and all of them fulfil their valuable function: extending and thus accommodating many diners.

Console with extension leaf holder equipped with a space for storing extension leaves when not in use.

Console without extension leaf holder: the extensions are external and it is necessary to find a space in which to store them.

Console with integrated extensions.

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