Modern living rooms, small and big, bright and colorful, with or without fireplace. The rules for a perfect living room according to Bontempi Casa.

The word “modern” is often associated to something cold and impersonal, especially in interior design, but there isn’t anything farther from reality: a modern living room can be very warm and welcoming and it can identify a very strong personality.

How to furnish a modern living room

Furnishing a contemporary living room with a fresh style in line with current trends is very easy, if you follow a few rules. Firstly, geometric shapes need to be harmonious – you have to keep a shape-criteria for all the rooms in the house.

Colours can make the difference, and not only on the walls, but also with the pieces of furniture. In fact, the choice of colours is crucial. If you chose an industrial design style, the best colours are grey, black and dark brown. If you are more into a contemporary style, well, you can go on with white furniture. The keyword for originality? There is no limit for this, so you can play with many combinations of colours, red bookcases, white chairs and vice versa.

How to furnish a modern, warm and welcoming living room

It is impossible not to appreciate a living room furnished with comfortable armchairs, a positive-oriented colour palette and a focal point that catches your attention. A modern living room furnished with care and taste can be cool and minimal as well as homey. The secret is focusing on details: the seams of the upholstery, the position of the mirror on the widest wall, a coffee table in the middle of the room under which you can set a vintage handmade carpet.


Versus table with solid elm wood structure and a top made in anthracite matte velvet anti-scratch glass. Margot chair with solid elm wood structure, anthracite Nabuk fabric stuffed body. Amsterdam storage unite made in elm-finish wood.

How to furnish a modern living room with a fireplace

A fireplace is the focal point of a room, so why not creating an entire wall to enhance it? A glass shelf with flowers, books or magazines or even a bookshelf and a lamp.

Note: in a modern living room – especially if there is a big fireplace – the main wall should not have bright colours. Rather, it can acquire more charm with pictures and posters, metallic boards or interesting texture or even a collection of globes, chandeliers or ceramic pots that fill the visual space.










Artistic table with lacquered sand metal structure and top made with walnut solid wood. Tai chair with lacquered sand metal structure, stuffed and covered with sand-like Premium leather.

How to furnish a colourful, modern living room

To add a cheerful twist to a neutral living room, you need only a few colourful furnishing elements such as an orange or yellow pouf, and a coffee table. Those who think a modern living room means only black and white, boredom and lack of personality…will have to think twice!


Puffoso pouf, with a black lacquered metal structure and yellow velvet cover.

How to furnish a small modern living room

Every living room needs something special, especially if the environment is small. The ideal furnishing piece for a small living room is a modular round table. Yes, that’s because it’s circular shape softens the space, instead of making it more angular with rectangular or square shapes, and the modular structure allows to host a friendly dinner in smaller environments. It is best to match chairs that are not too bulky, even better if they are foldable, with simple and linear lines and if there is no space for an actual bookcase, you can use those small tables or poufs that can turn into storage boxes and magazine holders. The small house turns multitasking, with all its versatile elements



Giro round table with synchronized telescopic opening mechanism, anthracite lacquered metal structure, matte grey scratch-resistant velvet glass top. Dalila chair in white leather.

How to furnish a large modern living room

When we talk about “harmony” in interior design we mean the interrelation between all the furnishing elements that, similar in shape, seem to talk to and understand each other. A large living room should be furnished with the aim of enhancing the space, focusing the attention on a specific point and preventing the eye to get lost. If there are wide windows in the room, it is possible to exploit the surrounding space using a large L-shaped sofa, or a table with a characteristic frame, or a large, comfortable armchair or even a colourful coffee table opposite them. Americans call it “statement piece” – the most important piece that works as focal point for the entire room. The focal point of the room is that specific point where the angle of the walls meets an object that captures the attention of the beholder. This operation is significantly easier in larger spaces.


Clarissa armchair, removable with chromed steel frame, padded seat and backrest covered in white Premium leather.



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