It is not easy to choose chairs according to the table and room style. And more than that, the approach in the design world has changed in recent years: whereas chairs used to be chosen only in relation to the table, this is no longer the case.

It is not easy to choose chairs according to the table and room style. And more than that, the approach in the design world has changed in recent years: whereas chairs used to be chosen only in relation to the table, this is no longer the case. In fact, tables and chairs are often sold separately and it is this change in perception that has allowed the designer seating market to explode. Choosing the best model is crucial but it is not easy to disentangle the thousands of colours, materials and styles on the market.

Iconic design chairs: how to get your bearings

Chairs, or more generally designer seating, became a real cult item in recent times. Recent trends recorded the revival of old models with new colour palettes and a focus on upholstery and padding. Moreover, while chairs were once chosen to create homogeneity with the table, this is no longer the case: chairs are increasingly chosen to create a certain contrast with the other elements of the furniture. Among the iconic design models, the character of the Dada by Bontempi chair stands out: A chair with and without armrests, lacquered steel frame. Upholstered shell upholstered in Faux Leather, Premium Faux Leather, Technical Velvet, Mambo Fabric, Lulù Fabric, Waterproof Nubuck, Waterproof Printed Nubuck, Pure Virgin Wool, Velvet, Decò Fabric, Kvadrat Field Fabric, Kvadrat Coda Fabric and Premium Leather.

Bontempi Casa presenta la sedia Dada
Dada: the new chair by Bontempi Casa

Modern design chairs: inspiration and tips

Once the room in which it is to be placed (living room, study, kitchen) is defined, there are basically five factors to consider when choosing a designer chair. 

Materials: designers have often experimented with new materials, and seats can be found in wood, metal, fabric. In recent years, a focus on sustainability was developed, paving the way for the use of new and interesting recycled materials.

Comfort: this factor is essential when choosing seating for the living room, kitchen and study, i.e. the areas of the home where they will be used most during the day.
Colours: classic tones or fashionable palettes, there are solutions for all kinds of colour requirements, to create contrasts or more harmonious environments.
Shape: classic design icons or modern profiles, the choice cannot be separated from the aesthetics of the home and personal taste. Furthermore, in lofts and openspaces – where seating contributes to defining the style – there is plenty of room for futuristic shapes.
Cost. In this regard, the Autumn Furniture promo by Bontempi: with the purchase of a sofa and a table from the Casa range, you’ll get 4 Chantal Chairs or 4 Polo chairs.

Bontempi Casa presenta la sedia Polo
Polo: the new chair by Bontempi Casa

A Chair with or without armrests: advantages and disadvantages

A chair with armrests definitely provides more comfort, it helps to take the weight off the neck, shoulders and back and thus makes feel less fatigue in these areas. And often chairs with armrests are an integral part of a retro, baroque, antique style of furniture. Of course, freedom of movement is affected if you are in small rooms.

On the other hand, chairs without armrests are certainly more agile, less bulky, allow easy movement and often have a more innovative design. The only disadvantage of this type of seating is that maintaining the correct posture for the well-being of the spine is more difficult than a chair with armrests.

How to match chairs to the table

Undoubtedly, each table – depending on the material it is made of – is more harmonious with a specific type of chair.
Chairs for marble tables. Put aside for many years, marble is back in the limelight. Besides real stone, there are new materials such as resins, ceramics and HPL that imitate it perfectly. Chairs to match are often made of metal.
Chairs for wooden tables. Chairs to match a wooden table can be made of the same wood species: it is essential that the colour of the wood is uniform. 
Chairs for glass or crystal tables. The chairs should be matched to the material or colour of the table base: they should be modern, wooden, metal or upholstered and covered in the same colour.
Chairs for metal or iron tables. It is important to avoid mixing different finishes. Chrome goes with chrome, satin with satin, burnished with burnished. By following this aesthetic rule, it is possible to match the structure of the table to that of the chairs without making mistakes.

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