Il fascino del cristallo incontra la praticità per le esigenze delle case più moderne ed eleganti

Bright and light, the crystal has an undeniable charm. How to best use it for home furnishings? Choosing an extendable glass table means combining elegance and practicality in a piece of furniture that will give value to the environment in which it is located. However, there are some tricks that can be adopted to make the most of it, giving the crystal table the right emphasis and returning all its light to the surrounding space.

The extendable glass table takes center stage

If the table is by its nature the piece of furniture that tends to take the central role in the living area, an extendable glass table can only accentuate this trend with its charm. The first thing to do to make the most of it, therefore, is to choose the model with the top of the most suitable shape and size among round, square or rectangular tables. Beyond personal taste, pay attention to proportions – also taking into consideration the maximum width of the extendable table: even when it is completely open it should not obstruct the passage around it, while when it is closed it should not risk appearing marginal in the room.

Another element that can enhance the crystal is the structure of the table, in precious materials or with the design of a real sculpture. Playing with the transparency and lightness of the top, the structure is in fact put in the foreground, that is why many extendable tables with legs with a particular and refined shape in the Bontempi Casa catalog are also available with a glass or scratch-resistant glass top.

Fusion table with glossy glass top
Fusion table, also available in an extendable version, with glossy glass top, base and structure in lacquered steel. Malik chairs with padded and upholstered steel structure

The glossy glass top highlights the cross-legged structure of the Fusion table, one of the iconic models of Bontempi Casa, making it even more modern and fascinating.

Enhancing the extendable glass table with light

A bright environment is ideal for highlighting the qualities of crystal, namely lightness, transparency and reflection of light. Arranging the extendable glass table near large windows, therefore, is a great way to make sure you enhance it as it deserves and at the same time make the most of natural light to create a welcoming environment. If we then have the opportunity to position it in correspondence with the main suspension lamp, the game is done and we will always be able to admire our crystal table in the best light.

Ramos extendable table
Ramos extendable table with polished glass top and steel structure.

Ramos is a table with an industrial chic style highlighted by the combination of the polished glass of the top and the lacquered steel of the structure with a strongly geometric design.

Finally, how to enhance an extendable glass dining table? To appreciate its beauty, it is best to leave it uncovered by avoiding the classic tablecloth and preferring more modern solutions such as runners or American placemats, especially when receiving guests. In this way our table will be elegant and bright.

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