How to find the ideal extendable table to switch from lunch to “agile” work by furnishing with taste

Never before, as in this period, we  have asked for flexibility to domestic spaces to be able to experience the house in all its functions, from relaxation to studying or working remotely, passing through all our passions, including fitness. Symbol of functionality and flexibility are the modern extendable tables in their different variations of style, designed to easily adapt to needs that change from day to day. The extendable dining table, in particular, can see its use change and multiply for needs related to smart working. Protagonist of the living area, it is generally positioned near large windows or in correspondence with a pendant lamp so that it enjoys good lighting to appreciate food even with the eyes – and this makes it an ideal accommodation even in the case of “agile” work from home… So here’s how to choose the ideal extendable table and how to make the most of it.

Rectangular or square extendable dining table

Rectangular extendable tables are the most popular, but require larger rooms, while square ones allow to more easily use the available space.

Artistico extendable table
Artistico extendable table with structure in lacquered steel, top and extensions in veneered wood. Clara chair upholstered and covered, with exposed steel legs.

The rectangular or barrel extendable table tends to attract attention with an important design. Artistico is no exception, an iconic model from the Bontempi Casa catalog, characterized by a modern central structure with legs that intertwine as in a dance. The top is available in wood, adding a touch of warmth to the environment, in SuperMarble or SuperCeramic, innovative materials, durable and resistant to impacts and stains to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Etico console table
Etico console table with lacquered steel structure, glass top and aluminum melamine extensions. Galaxy chairs in polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber.

A square extendable dining table, on the other hand, is generally characterized by a more essential design and gives a sense of order to the environment with its clear geometry. A very functional example to make the most of even small spaces is the Etico console table, which once fully opened has a large and spacious semi-square top for dining and working in comfort.

Round extendable dining table

Like the square ones, the round tables allow to tastefully furnish spaces of all sizes. In addition, the absence of edges gives a harmonious and airy glance, as well as leaving more freedom of movement around the table. In the extendable version, they become even more suitable as worktops.

An extendable and precious round dining table like Barone knows how to add a touch of great elegance to the furniture, without overshadowing functionality. The SuperMarble top, in addition to giving light to the environment and satisfying the sight with its fascinating veins, it is durable and resistant to temperatures, shocks, chemicals and organic substances. From this year, the extendable Barone and Millennium models have a new opening mechanism and are embellished with extensions in the same material as the top, for an increasingly sophisticated effect.

Extendable glass dining table

The extendable table with glass top represents the perfect union between aesthetics and functionality, demonstrating once again the great versatility of this material. In Bontempi Casa finishes, it is available in a glossy or matte and scratch-resistant version, both resistant and easy to clean as well as fascinating and pleasant to the touch.

Tavolo da pranzo in vetro allungabile
Tavolo Delta con struttura in acciaio laccato e piano a botte in cristallo lucido. Sedie Penelope struttura in acciaio laccato, imbottite e rivestite in tessuto Lulù.

Among the novelties presented this year, the Delta table has a lacquered steel structure that lightly reinterprets the theme of the cross-legged table, with details precious items that underline its geometry. Available in a wide range of versions, it lends itself perfectly to going from lunch to work. With a barrel top in crystal and a total white look also taken up by the matching chairs, it reveals an artistic and creative personality.

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