Bright, fashionable, original and brilliant: rose gold comes into every home to add a touch of personality and sophistication to the atmosphere. A metallic accent becomes the new trend in interior design.

Bright, fashionable, original and brilliant: rose gold comes into every home to add a touch of personality and sophistication to the atmosphere. A metallic accent that is becoming the new trend in interior design, because it is capable not only of embellishing any room, but also of giving a strong and decisive character to any furnishing accessories.
Study of materials is one of the strong points of Made in Italy excellence: each special finish, in fact, is a palette of precious shades obtained from a secret formulation, the same as the one developed by Bontempi Casa master painters. A meticulous and careful research work, but above all manual, because the result is obtained precisely by the multiple coats of paint that play with the depth of the colour and the richness of the nuances.

A brief history of rose gold

Not to be confused with copper, the latest special finish created by Bontempi Casa is precisely rose gold: a shade that required a great deal of research and patient mixing for identifying perfect combination. The result is a shade able of changing its power according to the lighting in a room, to provide new depth effects for every occasion. Today, gold is not associated with glamour and wealth, but with modernity, creativity and style that suits every home.

Rose gold opens every door in the house: our selection for you

A colour that offers endless opportunities for style, gives brightness to the environment and delicately enhances the details of each piece of furniture: rose gold is a finish that can change the perception of every room in the home, from the living area to kitchen and bathrooms. But how do we choose the right furnishings for our purpose? Let’s take a look at the various applications of this special finish for different furnishings.

Arredi e finiture in oro rosa
Bontempi Casa Pandora lamp in rose gold

Artistico and Delta: tables and finishes

Tables are often at the centre of every scene and everyday living and they can be enriched with this new shade thanks to the lacquered steel base and the rose gold finish. This is the case with Artistico, with its iconic and solemn easel, or Delta whose geometries make it elegant in any context, but perhaps even more precious thanks to the new nuance. It is precisely in these cases that light can play a key role in furnishing and defining the space in a room.

Golden chairs with Dada and Shape

Seating, especially when combined with tables and accessories with a rose gold frame , is the extra touch to give real character to the living area. As with tables, the lacquered steel structures are created from a raw material, which is bent and processed to give a different design to each complement, enhanced by special finishes that can even accentuate their details. Choosing design objects such as Dada (LINK: ) or Shape allows us to play with the geometries of the seat and the colour references.

Charlotte and Pandora: accessories that sparkle

The play of light and the dynamism of a context can also be provided by individual pieces of furniture that do not necessarily recall the finishes of the most important pieces of furniture such as tables or chairs. A rose gold bookcase like Charlotte, for example, gives a feeling of lightness to the whole room, as well as embellishing and enhancing the walls or dividing the space in an open space. Another element on which your bet is safe is lighting: a lamp like Pandora is capable of expressing the full potential of rose gold furnishings and finishes, distorting the sense of a room and catalysing attention on a few, but essential, details.

Arreda la tua casa in oro rosa
Bontempi Casa Charlotte bookcase in rose gold


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