Walnut wood is the Material par excellence, refined, elegant and unique. It lends itself to furnish all the rooms of the house, as its key colors, ranging from dark brown to hazelnut, are easily combined. Its ancient history gives it an aristocratic and artistic allure, but at the same time its unique and natural origins transform it into a functional material. It is no coincidence that ancient stories and legends are told around it, and that art favors it as the honorary material of interior design.

Originally from Asia Minor, it was later introduced to Europe by the Persian kings. Plinio the Elder testifies in his manual “Naturalia Historia” that walnuts were imported by the Greeks as early as the 7th century BC. As a royal gift, the Greeks dubbed it “Karya Basilica”, or regal walnut and considered it a prophetic tree. It is walnut wood, a precious, refined and very ancient material that conquers its place of honor in the history of furniture and art.

In Greek mythology, the walnut tree was linked to the god Dionysus. It is said, in fact, that Dionysus, a guest of the king Dion of Laconia, fell in love with one of his three daughters. Caria reciprocated his love, but the two jealous sisters began to gossip about the Dionysus who, furious, first drove them crazy and then killed them both. Caria died of pain and Dionysus, still in love, transformed her into a lush walnut tree, so that it could produce fruitful fruit. The Laconi later built a temple in her honor, and at the entrance they placed

statues carved in walnut wood depicting the three sisters, who were later called Caryatids. Art, legends and mythology intertwine with one another and tell the incredible story of this precious wood, still used today in the furnishing of the most elegant homes.

But what makes it a great support for tables, chairs, bookcases and much more? Walnut wood is not only a piece of art in itself, but also the most appreciated material by connoisseurs of design and home decor.

Bontempi provides different declinations and applications of walnut, ancient solid walnut, solid walnut, edge-glued walnut and veneered walnut.

Millennium XXL table with solid walnut wood plan

The peeled ancient solid walnut wood of the Bontempi Casa collections is a selected wood, coming from areas certified of controlled reforestation, managed according to strict environmental and social standards. A valuable feature of this wood is its unique origin: it is minutely obtained from the trunk or branches of trees in the lush American woods.

This is why Bontempi’s ancient walnut design products carry the signs of each plant’s life path. Live nodes, natural splits and variations of color palettes, testify to their authenticity and uniqueness. All the tops are externally treated with acrylic-based paint that gives protection to moisture infiltrations, maintaining the natural color of the wood.

Artistico table with solid walnut wood top

The solid walnut wood of the Bontempi Casa collection is selected from the best available on the European and American markets.For a more natural effect, the outer side edge retains the original shape of the tree trunk, giving the top uniqueness and craftsmanship.

Thanks to the particular water treatment, the solid wood tops have a protection against moisture infiltrations, while maintaining the natural color of the wood.

Detail of barked solid walnut wood edge


 width=      Alfa chair with solid walnut wood structure


Edge-glued walnut wood

The edge-glued wood top combines the aesthetic performance of solid wood with those of veneered tops. The outer edge of the top is in fact made of real solid wood with an irregular shape, that is shaped with a radius that simulates the radius of the trunk.
The upper part of the top is instead made of fine wood that gives it the appearance of a real solid wood top.


Artistico table with edge-glued walnut wood top –Margot chair with legs in solid walnut
Debarked side in edge-glued walnut


Veneered walnut wood

The undisputed value of this material is its lightness, combined with flexibility and non-deformability, features that make it especially perfect to be used in humid environments, such as that of a kitchen.
Composed of panels of agglomerate covered with sheets of wood of noble essence, aesthetically a veneered top in noble essence has a visual impact similar to a solid one.


Podium table with veneeredd walnut wood top – Sveva chair with solid walnut legs



Secret desk with veneered walnut top



    Artistico coffee table with veneered walnut top
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