Barstools for kitchen island are modern and elegant, but how to coordinate them with table and chairs?

The barstool came into the furnishing scene in recent times, “borrowed” from the world of lounge bars to give a more social and convivial connotation to modern kitchens – that become kitchen island more and more, overlooking the living area. The stools for kitchen island are the ideal solution to exploit the top as a breakfast table, for snacks on the fly but also for romantic dinners. With their attractive design and informal appearance, they give the environment a touch of modernity and, why not, a little bit of colour as well.

How to choose the perfect barstools for your kitchen? Keep in mind the style of furniture and the space available. Additionally, considering that the kitchen is increasingly “open” to the rest of the house and therefore connected to the living area, both chairs and stools can represent a common thread in the furnishings. For this reason, in the Bontempi Casa catalogue there are several seating families that include chairs and barstools for a kitchen island, to be customized by choosing shades and materials according to your own style.

Modern barstools for kitchen island

Nata barstool
Nata barstool with a lacquered metal structure and covered in velvet.

The colour palette of modern kitchens is always wide and barstools are the perfect element to add an extra style note. There are no limits to imagination by choosing Nata barstool, with simple and captivating lines. The structure is in lacquered metal, while the shell is completely padded and it can be covered in a wide range of materials, from patented fabrics to water-repellent, fire-resistant, stain-proof, antibacterial fabrics, up to the finest leather; each of them is available in many different shades. It is also possible to choose the border in the same or contrasting colour, perhaps taking up the tint of the structure as in this case.

Elegant barstools for kitchen island

Kuga stool
Kuga stool with lacquered metal structure, padded monocoque and covered in ecological leather.

Furnishing the kitchen with elegance means choosing pieces of furniture that have refined and timeless lines, to be combined with precious materials. Like Kuga barstool, whose quilted back recalls a comfortable sofa meant to enjoy moments of maximum comfort and light-heartedness even in the kitchen. Speaking of comfort, all Bontempi Casa barstools are equipped with a footrest to facilitate sitting and rest your legs.

Chairs for kitchen island

Polo stool and wooden seat
Polo stool with lacquered metal structure, polypropylene backrest and wooden seat.

For a more classical kitchen, the ideal solution is to place stools with a high and enveloping back around the high table, so we could say we need proper kitchen island chairs. Polo barstool responds precisely to these characteristics: a solid metal structure supports a wooden seat (that can also be padded and covered for greater comfort), with polypropylene backrests.

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