How to furnish the living room over the Autumn: discover more about materials, colours and inspirations.

The warm colours of the falling Autumn leaves represent a true natural show. Warm orange tones, soft browns in all shades, delicate yellows and bright red tips make the cold days much more welcoming and cosier. And even within the walls of the house, especially at this time of the year, we like to bring some warmth (and colour as well). The typical “Autumn living room” has a lot of wood: either opaque, natural or glossy, wood is the real protagonist.

A large table with a solid top made of centuries-old wood stands in the centre of the room. This is where we will be sipping some cup of spiced tea until Christmas comes. It is here that we will place an orange-scented candle to warm up the atmosphere. That’s where we remember the beauty of the Autumn.


Imperial table by Bontempi Casa, with lacquered metal frame and solid walnut top



Millennium XXL table by Bontempi Casa, with structure in lacquered metal and a top in solid wood or century-old walnut wood.

In Autumn, our living room can’t miss comfortable chairs upholstered in super-soft leather that paint the room with the changing tones of nature. Seats painted in red, burgundy, Bulgarian, chocolate, garnet, dark brown and sand can warm up the living room with elegance. The most creative way to furnish it is to combine armchairs of different autumnal colours, for a lively and themed result paired with the season of falling leaves.


Kefir by Bontempi Casa, chairs with lacquered metal structure, covered in leather with matching stitching

Going lazily around the living room with our steaming cup of coffee in the hands, we need light – that is often scarce in this period of the year. Fortunately, there is a large mirror that reflects the landscape outside. Reflective surfaces, after all, are not only a cool design piece typical of contemporary homes, but it also expands natural light and reflects it on the interior walls, giving the room a brighter look.


Illusion by Bontempi Casa, mirror with inlay detail, horizontally and vertically adjustable

Outside it’s raining, so you need to feel even more pampered. An armchair with a relaxing effect should never be missing, and it should be positioned next to the fireplace. A soft, adjustable seat with a head rest so you can fall asleep to the sound of raindrops on the window. The cover of warm wool is ideal, but also leather, nubuck or fabric – either ways it matches the season. And what about the colour? Hazelnut tints, obviously.


Daya, Bontempi Casa armchair and pouf, structure in chromed metal, upholstered and padded

And if we were to wake up from a Sunday afternoon rest, let’s not forget to leave our book close at hand. A coffee table next to the armchair is what we need. The style tip: if the floor is a refined wooden parquet, do not cover it with carpets, let its charm shine.


Tower by Bontempi Casa, coffee table with a lacquered metal structure and a natural marble top



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