The living area is one of the most important places of any house, because it means relax and sharing, a true peaceful corner to be furnished with care.

The living area is one of the most important places of any house, because it means relax and sharing, a true peaceful corner to be furnished with care.

This is why choosing a sofa capable of enhancing your living room is an important step to which the utmost attention must be paid: if it is true, in fact, that this has become th undisputed main player of the living area, it is also true that choosing between different sofa models is not an easy task.

A model of sofa for each single requirement

Before making any choice, there are a few key factors to bear in mind that can guide us in our preferences, for example:

  •       The size of the living room
  •       The number of people living in the house
  •       The intended use of the sofa
  •       Comfort, practicality and durability
  •       the style of the entire living area

Personal tastes and needs must be matched by more practical characteristics related to the space in which the sofa will be placed: this is why customisation becomes a key element in making the right choice. And Bontempi Casa knows it: the new collection is based on five modular, highly customisable models to satisfy all the desires of modern living.

Modular models: sofas by Bontempi Casa

Today, ‘tailor made’ has almost completely lost its charm of exclusivity in the face of infinite modular and customisable solutions capable of combining comfort and elegance. This is because the ability to adapt a sofa to any type of living room is not only a huge advantage, but an increasingly frequent requirement. The new line of Bontempi Casa sofas focuses on modularity without sacrificing aesthetics, for a result capable of satisfying the most diverse projects.

Corner and peninsula sofas

When the living area is very large or an open space has to be furnished, the sofa becomes the core of relaxation and the centre of the home.

The Sunset sofa, for example, is a model with a peninsula, suitable for the most varied furnishing styles and with a dual position: it can be placed next to the longest wall of the living room, even better if below the windows to enjoy the natural light, or in the centre of the room as the real protagonist, if the dimensions of the open space allow it: a much appreciated and very stylish partition solution.

The Zenit Wall variants with one-piece seat and Zenit Plus, on the other hand, are part of a modular system which, thanks to the various types of backrest, enables a great variety of possible configurations.

Divani Bontempi Casa
Sunset Sofa Bontempi Casa

Linear sofas

The choice of a linear sofa requires a large space to be furnished in which to make the most of this furnishing accessory. If placed in the centre of the room or along the widest wall of the living room, these types of sofa dominate the entire living area and must be in harmony with their surroundings. A perfect example is Dakota, a goose down sofa that combines the modularity of its elements with dedicated accessories to guarantee design, comfort and functionality.

Two-seater sofas

When you have little space available , you don’t necessarily have to give up the style and comfort of a sofa; on the contrary, you just have to make the right choice between the different types. A two-seater model, for example, is the most common option for optimising space and creating a comfortable atmosphere. In this case the Bonnie sofa, with the added value of 70s elegance, is perfect for harmonising the style of the living area with sinuous and elegant shapes, but also thanks to the modular options that include more seats and a peninsula.

Divani Bontempi Casa nella zona living
Bonnie sofa Bontempi Casa

Three-seater sofas

For those who want to keep it classic, three-seater models are a safe bet. In the case of Antares, the minimalist lines of the frame and the high seats are a perfect combination for your relax, but also a careful style choice to enhance the living room. A small sofa fits easily into any corner of the house and its layout is extremely simple.

Divani Bontempi Casa nel salone
Antares Sofa Bontempi Casa
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