Angelo Ferrillo is a photographer, photo editor, art director and photography professor. Neapolitan at heart, Milanese every day, but travelling all over the world for work and passion. His house reflects his spirit in love (of his wife, his dogs and photographic books). The furnishings of a small house, if well cared for in details, can transform it into a very personal and characteristic space.

Today a profession needs to extend and be multi-functional. That’s why I currently work as a photographer, photo editor, photography teacher and art director. My name is Angelo Ferrillo and yes, I love photography.
I was born in Naples, where I lived for a while – and where I came back to live for a while – but I also moved to London, Turin, Cairo, and then to Milan since 2005. Today I live in a small quiet town of the Milanese province, with my wife and my dogs.


What is important to me within the walls of my house? Space. Having space in the living room is essential, precisely because it is … “living”. I really appreciate comfort and cosiness: living in a practical environment means always feeling at ease, as if that room became part of you. And I like cozy spaces: my home is cozy in the atmosphere, always, because I love inviting friends home for dinner and I want them to have the perception of being in an environment that tastes of us, not sterile and aseptic. It would be like not receiving a hug.

My work makes me travel often and this keeps me alive, but returning home is always a unique pleasure. My apartment is small, about 53 square meters (I bought it when I was young and I still had no idea of expanding the family), but there is not another place that I could call home. I love spending time reading and cooking, between the living room and the kitchenette. There is the biggest part of the most precious objects for me: my photo library – that of course I often consult – the TV that I systematically turn on for the News in the morning, and then – as a good Neapolitan – my favorite place is the kitchen.

When I travel, I miss my wife, my dogs, and my books. For obvious reasons I cannot take them with me, at least not all, not always. I have recently married, but we have lived together for many years and waking up with her is something that goes beyond habit, as well as falling asleep beside her. I’m a collector of photo books. I also have many digital scans, for convenience, but the beauty of paper magazines is irreplaceable. And my dogs Oliver and Mitte are my best friends.


In the ideal home, according to a wall pocket at the entrance cannot be missing – I remember that my father used it often when I was a child, and having one of my own, today, brings me back to those happy memories. In the living room, well, there should definitely be a bookshelf, I especially like those that invade the entire walls: I think they give warmth and personality to the house and let people know better who lives there, just like an open book.
And in the bedroom … It takes me a high, soft bed that makes me feel suspended. Although for a while I had the passion for futon beds, on the floor: I liked that my dog Oliver was lying next to me while I was sleeping.


Sometimes my house is also my office. I have everything at my fingertips and I do not have to move too much, not even if I need coffee. I think if I had a desk it would be messy (as was my office when I was working in engineering). I think the concept of “minimal office” designed by Steve Jobs is very interesting, but I have not yet had the chance to experience it.

Relax? What is it? Seriously, I have a fairly hectic life, but I try to spend my free time with my wife and my dogs, between TV series and good food. Well, perhaps what relaxes me a lot is cooking. Challenging, because I always have to give my best, but then at the first bite I realize that there is everything I need to feel good.

I remember my house in Naples where I lived when I was a child … It had a very long corridor with the rooms all on one side (it was a Spanish architecture building) and I remember it was very bright. I played often, and a lot. While the house I live in, still reminds me with sweet melancholy the day I bought it. Surreal: I spent 3 months with only one small sofa, an electric stove, a moka and a 14 ” TV with cathode ray tube.
Then in reality everything becomes a beautiful memory if fully lived and with a smile.


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