Round tables for kitchen, living room and studies proposed by Bontempi Casa.

Round tables for all the rooms in the house? Absolutely yes, as long as the furniture is in a contemporary style. The round table, after all, is considered a multi-tasking piece of furniture by the most careful designers. First of all, it is a space-saving table: the lack of the pointed corners of a more traditional rectangular table makes the room airy and comfortable to cross. Not only that: in most models, the rounded table is not equipped with four legs, but often has a central structure that supports it – thus eliminating any probable obstacle for the sittings. Then if we talk about round extendable tables … We have before us the perfect solution that encourages conviviality even in the smallest spaces.

The round kitchen tables are mainly made of stoneware with ceramic effect, marble or concrete, elegant, robust, scratch-proof, unalterable to the action of acids, hydro and oil repellent, hygienic, non-toxic, heat-resistant, ETERNAL material.

The round tables for living rooms are modern round tables, often made of wood or shiny crystal or scratch-resistant opaque glass. There are also small round tables perfect for a minimal living room, or to be placed at the entrance. The important thing is to choose the style carefully, depending on personal taste and the type of furniture that you prefer between the walls of your home. Without any doubt, compared to the more traditional proposals of square and rectangular tables, the round tables have a contemporary image.

Modern round tables

Among the most innovative modern round tables in the Bontempi Casa catalog there is the Podium table. A fixed table – but also in its extendable version – with a solid base in concrete. The top is available in solid wood, veneered wood, crystal, scratch-resistant crystal, concrete and SuperMarble. The elliptical shape of Podium, combined with a contemporary material such as concrete, fits harmoniously with the most luminous design environments. The lack of side legs and the presence of a solid central base ensure a perfect seat and allow a comfortable table service.


Podium table in white concrete and Suri chairs in white lacquered steel and beige elastic fabric

Fusion, on the other hand, is a round or elliptical, fixed or extendable table, with a crossed rings structure in lacquered steel that rests on a base that can be personalized in the finishes. A modern table, elegant but also space-saving. It lends itself to being a practical dining table that captures the attention of guests thanks to the hypnotic supporting structure that recalls a jewel bracelet. The plan can be chosen according to tastes and needs: veneer wood for the traditionalists, crystal or scratch-resistant glass for lovers of new-design, and SuperMarble or Marble for those who love to experiment with unique and highly performing materials.


Fusion table, frame and base in deep black lacquered steel, top in walnut wood and Freak chairs in deep black lacquered steel

Barone by Bontempi Casa has a round or elliptical, fixed or extendable top. Its design structure is a real plus for the category of modern living room tables: steel plates are set against each other, almost to simulate a battle of swords. The shelf, if in crystal, crowns the scene with refinement. The favorite of creative people as photographers or architects who furnish their studies.


Barone table, structure in gold lacquered steel and transparent glass top and Kuga chairs structure in gold lacquered steel and Premium Blue leather


Extendable round tables

An extendable round table is a true passepartout furniture. The rounded tables, in fact, allow you to save a large portion of space – thanks to the lack of edges. That’s why they are the solution chosen by many people, both for the kitchen, practical and used every day, and for the livingroom.

The ambivalent proposal by Bontempi Casa is the Giro table, the extendable round table suitable for kitchens, living rooms and studios. In fact, Giro has a synchronized telescopic opening and closing system that is practical for an everyday use, super modern and practically invisible. The structure in lacquered or chromed steel is solid but light, not bulky. The top, to be chosen in crystal or anti-scratch glass, gives a certain charm to this comfortable and multi-purpose table. Recommended for those looking for conviviality and who love lunches with friends.


Giro table with anthracite lacquered steel structure and anti-scratch glass mat anthracite top and Dalila chairs in white leather

tavoli allungabili

Giro table with stainless steel column base and polished white glass top and Aida chairs with chromed frame and shell in pure virgin wool natural fabric

Vintage style round tables

Modern vintage. The most real oxymoron that exists. The vintage and retro style, in fact, is a very current taste, that persists both in fashion and furnishings. The search for stylistic elements belonging to past eras has an eternal charm that does not stop trending. This principle is inspired by the Glamor Round table by Bontempi Casa, a classic table that incorporates materials and colors typical of the ‘70s, but reinterprets them in a contemporary key. This model of round table can have in fact the four side legs, just like the sturdy tables of the past. The anti-scratch glass top gives the object (of art) a more contemporary allure. And the contrast effect is harmonious. The SuperMarble version combines the visual and tactile qualities of marble with the resistance and durability of the material patented by Bontempi Casa.


Glamor table, deep black lacquered steel structure with gold feet and Mood chair, structure in gold lacquered steel, shell in soft touch black and premium light green leather.

Round industrial style tables

The 2019 trendy decor style: Industrial Chic is the new black, they say. The mix of typically industrial materials, such as metal, that blend with luxurious stylistic elements – glass surfaces or golden details. The Sander table by Bontempi Casa represents its essence. The elliptical shape of the anti-scratch crystal of the top communicates elegance and harmony, the structure in gold-lacquered steel gives industrial references but at the same time brings back luxury. A true design object for connoisseurs that not only transcends the functionality of a practical round table for living room, but becomes the true protagonist of the most sophisticated living rooms



Sander table, gold lacquered steel structure and black matt scratch-resistant glass top and Freak chairs, gold lacquered steel structure and black Premium leather cushion.


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