The relationship between a mother and her daughter has its roots in a special place: home.

The relationship between a mother and her daughter has its roots in a special place: home.

Cristina is a 45-year-old mother who works as a freelance photographer. She is a strong, independent woman who loves her work and beautiful things. In the living room of her house, on her transparent crystal coffee table, next to a beautiful vase with red flowers, there is a small casket containing vintage jewels collected by Cristina over the years, during a trip to London and one to Berlin. She likes to store them there, as if they were an integral part of her bohemian furnishings. Cristina loves art, design, and everything that comes with it. Anyone who visits her at home understands it immediately: her bookcase, geometric, minimal and in lacquered steel, is crammed with books, historical manuals and pieces of art. The ceramic table in the kitchen is colored with bright green plants that give Cristina the right positive energy when she has work to do at home. The desk, in the bedroom, has a hidden drawer where Cristina holds the brushes for makeup: they have a wooden handle, natural bristles and perfume of licorice. Surrounding herself with beauty is fundamental to her, to find a different inspiration every day.

Vanity Set

Vanity Set writing desk

Aurora is her daughter, she is 19 and she is finishing high school. Like her mother, she has an innate artistic streak, which, however, does not seem to have completely exploded yet. She likes drawing, she often makes sketches with pantones on sheets of porous paper that end up decorating the table in the living room, in dark arabesque SuperMarble. Aurora is looking for the right path to follow. “Which university? What profession is the one for me? “,  asks the young woman, a little frightened and a little excited by her future that has not yet been revealed to her. And in the meantime, she steals some silk dress from her mother’s wardrobe, or sits down at the desk and begins to put on make-up there, with her mother’s brushes.

Libreria Lextington

Bontempi Lexington Bookcase

Cristina and Aurora are very similar. In the evening, when they are sitting next to each other on the sofa in the living room, while reading a book or telling each other their own days always full of surprises, they both love to drink mint tea. Cristina serves it in Moroccan cups, as tradition wants, and leans them on that round table in the middle of the living room. From its transparent crystal you can clearly see the interweaving of the carpet covering the parquet. And they sit there, looking around in the jewelry box full of jewels, as if it was always the first time that they hold those jewels in their hands. They play to exchange the grandmother’s thin and golden clock, the dangling earrings bought in some vintage flea market in the 90’s.

tavolo artistico

Bontempi Artistico Coffee Table

Together, Mom and daughter share a moment of joy. They exchange ideas, advice, points of view. They enjoy each other’s company, laugh, get moved, remember distant anecdotes that have excited them. Surely Aurora will follow the footsteps of her mother, the path of art is infinite, and she will surely find her place in the world. Meanwhile, she is content with a cup of Moroccan tea in her living room, while her mother tells her exotic stories of picturesque characters met on the shooting set. “By the way, mum, that dress you never wear, you could also give it to me”.

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