The velvet for furniture is a versatile, full-bodied, warm and fashionable fabric.

Blue Velvet is not only a cult movie signed by David Lynch’s talent in 1986, and it is not just a 1963 Bobby Vinton’s song. Velvet is a state of mind, a precise style, a definite way of reinterpreting vintage taste. Yes, because with the recent re-emerging of the retro style, in fashion and in the world of jewelry – from grandma’s closets, in luxury events (like The Great Gatsby & Co.) and also in furniture, velvet is without any doubt the most beloved material of the decade.

The splendor of its iridescent visual effect, that changes with the flashes of light, the sensation of warmth to the touch, and all its decorative potential, make velvet a noble, luxurious fabric, but also with a strong and decisive character. Inimitable.

So let it be Velvet, but not just blue.


Bontempi Casa Penelope chair with armrests, structure in natural silver lacquered steel, seat and back in light gray mambo fabric, button and armrests in red wine velvet – Penelope chair without arms, structure in natural silver lacquered steel, seat and back in red wine velvet, button in purple red velvet.

The name “velvet” comes from the Latin vellus, fleece, to indicate the characteristic of its soft, almost hairy surface. It is a fabric that originally comes from Western Europe of the 13th century. It was produced mainly in Lucca, Genoa, Florence, Venice and Catanzaro, in Italy. How is velvet made? With very thin yarns woven by two warps, a thick warp and a pile of fur, and a single weave. To do this you can use natural or acrylic fibers. The most precious is velvet obtained from silk.


Bontempi Casa Nata stool, structure in gold lacquered steel, seat in Night Blue velvet.

With the arrival of Christmas, fortunately, there is even more desire for velvet. Red, black, gold and other colors to furnish the home during the holidays and beyond. That’s why velvet for furniture is something that cannot be renounced if you love vintage design and fashion.

Velvet for furniture: an incomparable warmth


Bontempi Casa Nata chair, frame in deep black lacquered steel, seat and back in yellow velvet with white border – Zac writing desk, structure in deep black lacquered steel, top in natural oak veneered wood.

Soft, silky, caressing, affable, warm, smooth and almost fluid to the touch – velvet is essentially a fabric that generates a delicate sensation of warmth to touch and sight. A soft velvet cushion, for example, accompanies an elegant sofa in a “reassuring” way. A velvet-covered armchair or chair are comfortable and cozy seats that wrap around the silhouette and give a slight sense of positive energy.

Let yourself be conquered by the natural warmth of velvet. You can have fun with the colors and create the furniture that makes up your living room. A very glamorous nuance of absolute impact in the living area is that of light blue, blue, petrol or in more neutral shades. The yellow and mustard colors are bright colors that rekindle a bedroom or an entrance.

Velvet for furniture: charm and elegance


Bontempi Casa Sveva Armchair, structure in solid charcoal oak, seat and back in petroleum velvet, triangular inserts in Pure Virgin Wool anthracite – Madison bar cabinet, structure in deep black lacquered steel, SuperMarble Noirdesir doors, feet and handle in antiqued brass.

From Gucci’s catwalk, who has re-proposed his legendary velvet suit, up to our living room. Velvet is the true protagonist of contemporary fashion, it renews and reinterprets past uses, to amaze and surprise even today. A purple-red velvet armchair in the study or in the living room is the detail that combines old and new like magic. Classic inspirations and vintage taste, revisited in contemporary style through the lines of a fresh and young design. There is no better style combination to furnish the home of a passionate for art, furniture, fashion and valuable objects.

Velvet for furniture: guaranteed versatility


Bontempi Casa Secret secretary desk, structure in glossy black lacquered steel, external band covered in black leather, walnut wood veneer top, drop-down door in glossy arabesqued Supermarble – Penelope chair with armrests, structure in deep black lacquered steel, seat, backs, armrests and button in purple red velvet – Alga coat rack in deep black lacquered steel – Tone Pouff in purple red velvet.

A material as noble as velvet has the ability to quickly transform an accessory, a deco object or a piece of furniture into a chic and sophisticated element. But be careful not to call it kitsch! Velvet is in fact an extremely versatile material, because it is matched with antique carpets, it is baroque and aristocratic, but when combined with a modern design it is glamorous and hype.

Furthermore, it is important to know that, contrary to what you might think, velvet is not a difficult material to maintain. On the surfaces covered with velvet, it is sufficient to pass a slightly damp microfibre cloth regularly. And it will not lose its magic touch today or ever.


Bontempi Casa Kuga chair, structure in natural silver lacquered steel, seat and back in plum velvet – Millennium XXL table structure in natural silver lacquered steel and top in glossy arabescato Supermarble.

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