About us

Over 60 years of continuous research with the aim of pursuing beauty, comfort and absolute quality. Always looking to the future by combining partnerships and market conquests: Bontempi Casa is today a crossroads of values where design and material know-how, design, technology, manufacturing quality and ancient knowledge merge.

Since 1963 Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi have transformed a passion into a business; their first company, Mobilfer, specialized in craftsmanship of metal, thanks to a renewed approach with materials, sets the course and the turning point allowing to arrive at a final product with characteristics never seen before. Thus between the seventies and the eighties the new factory was inaugurated and the Bontempi Casa brand was born, with the new collections of tables, chairs, stools and accessories.

Our values

Ours is the PASSION to see a raw material transformed into a design object, drawing on the experience of half a century of activity.

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