Social responsibility

The social responsibility is the cornerstone of Bontempi philosophy, a choice reflecting the will of the company to respect the territory where it was born and keeps living. All the Bontempi production is conceived and manufactured with extreme care, concerning the <b>ECO-SUSTAINABILITY</b> of materials used.
Manufacturing processes and finishes are carried out, avoiding treatments with harmful substance emissions that can be noxious for human beings and environment, and complying with national and international regulation about environment protection.
Actually Bontempi Casa uses:
  <li>Non-polluting, metal-free and plastic-free paints categorized in category I and II DRP 203/88;</li>
  <li>Manufacturing processes and finishes, implying emission-free and not using substances harmful to people, things, environment. (Law10 thApril 1991 n° 126 and decree 8th February 1997 n°101)</li>
  <li>Super-recyclable glass, fabrics, leather, hide leather, wood, tops;</li>
  <li>Panels made of wood particles, categorized EPF-S E0.5, that is the minimum content and emission of formaldehyde;</li>
  <li>Wood selected in forests managed according to strict national and international environmental social standards.</li>
The future of the planet and of next generations also depends on our good job. That is why Bontempi Casa invests on environmental <b>SUSTAINABILITY</b>, through a responsible use of our resources.
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