The “lady” of the house

The “living area”: a symbol of conviviality and token of valuable time spent together and relaxing. Latest interior design trends lean towards the development of an increasingly open living area, where the lounge and dining rooms meet. The secret to creating an environment with a high visual, but also functional impact, lies in carefully designing the division of the spaces with furniture items that harmoniously communicate with each other. The focal point of the living area is undoubtedly the lounge room, and the sofa has always been a key element. The combination of curved and square lines is typical of a modern style, conveying flexibility, innovation, and familiarity all at the same time. Occasional tables are an indispensable element and can be placed either at the ends of the sofa, or centrally with a peninsula sofa, offering a convenient resting support and creating a captivating visual impact. In their many different forms, square, rectangular, round, or oval-shaped, occasional tables always capture our interest. Just like the ergonomic chairs, with or without armrests, designed with soft and snug forms, featuring leather or fabric coverings with decorative edging, which in themselves give the living area its own distinct look. The modern bookshelf is the walk-through type, an elegant and multipurpose design which also “lightly” divides the spaces. Even the sideboard, the first heir of the buffet, is a striking element. This item of furniture has distinctly evolved over time to become an icon of style and incredible sophistication, characterised by pared-back lines, yet embellished by precious materials.

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