Bontempi desks: for the entrance, living room or bedroom; Bontempi desks are a convertible and multi-tasking furniture item. They can be used as simple storage tops or become designer desks or even practical tables.

Bontempi consoles or shelves are designed to be functional ornamental items to fix to the wall or floor. They are storage tops in a variety of sizes, smaller than classic table tops. The depth of fixed console models is around 35-40 cm while they can be up to 80 cm in height. Extendible and convertible consoles are almost 50 cm in depth and usually no higher than 75 cm because they are designed to be used with standard chairs when the console is transformed into a dining table. These modern desks are, therefore, often used to furnish small rooms, whether in the home or office. They save space but decorate with understated style and are also functional. They are very convenient when used as desks but also as storage areas for everyday items. A multi-purpose furnishing accessory that is definitely worth having. There is a Bontempi console for every need and taste.

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