Our values

Our <b>PASSION</b> is to turn raw materials into design pieces, thanks to our 50 years’ experience.
Successful results have been achieved due to hardworking and passion of the owners and of all the employees who have contributed to build up our story, as of 1963.

<b>ENTHUSIASM</b> is the sentiment leading us and every day we manage our work with positive attitude, trying to transfer such an attitude to people who decided to work with us. This way we cooperate all together with strong commitment and determination, making every target a challenge and carrying out ambitious and gratifying plans.
Our main goal is to meet expectations of our clients with our utmost commitment and thanks to this philosophy, not only we are able to meet their needs but also to improve our skills mutually.

We promote <b>innovation</b> in every single detail of our job.
Our products and procedures are the outcome of a constant research, research in terms of design culture, research in discovering new trends, research in anticipating markets’ needs, research that finally turns into Refinement.
Hundreds of sketches are in the hands of creative minds travelling around the world, thousands of sketches come back to our desks. From there a big internal work starts, requiring selection, sensitivity, foresight.
Every year we invest in machineries, tools, software, always innovative and advanced, in the perspective of the continuous improvement of quality standards concerning our products.

Bontempi Casa has always been committed to safeguard of natural resources.
All the Bontempi Casa production is conceived and manufactured with extreme care concerning the <b>ECO-SUSTAINABILITY</b> of materials used.
Manufacturing processes and finishes are carried out, avoiding treatments with harmful substance emissions that can be noxious to human beings and environment.
Bontempi casa uses non-polluting ,solvent-free and plastic-free paints, recyclable glass, wood selected in forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economical standards.
The future of the planet and of next generations also depends on our good job. That is why Bontempi Casa invests on environmental sustainability, through a responsible use of our resources.

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