The refined softness of the classic nubuck fabric combined with the characteristics of a modern material comes from an interpretation by Bontempi Casa.

Once upon a time there was a sofa made of nubuck, the object of desire for every bourgeois salon. Elegant and refined, with a velvety touch making it cosy and pleasant, while a light lived-in effect gives a vintage allure and a sense of uniqueness.

“How to clean nubuck?” this is the question that often comes out before making this choice, because nubuck in nature is a particularly delicate material, that cannot be treated with oils or detergents of any kind, so any stains are difficult to be removed completely.

Research and development are constant factors in the furnishing industry, and apply to materials used as coatings for sofas, chairs and other accessories as well. The nubuck, for example, is reinterpreted by Bontempi Casa as waterproof nubuck, a synthetic material that surprisingly recreates the soft and velvety finish of the leather with this manufacturing process and lends itself to a decidedly simpler maintenance.

It is in fact subjected to a water-repellent treatment that guarantees easy cleaning, making Bontempi Casa furniture in waterproof nubuck suitable for every use in every room of the house, including the kitchen, without any worries.

The waterproof nubuck chairs for the kitchen and the dining room

sedia Aida in waterproof nabuk
Aida chair with lacquered metal structure, padded seat and back upholstered in waterproof nubuck. Millennium table with lacquered metal structure and wooden top.

Around the dining room table, but also in the kitchen, the padded chairs upholstered in waterproof nubuck give an elegant touch to the environment. With its minimal design, the Aida chair immediately creates a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. It is available in beige and, if combined with a table with a wooden top, it is a truly elegant choice.

How to clean waterproof nubuck if it gets dirty with some fruit juice? Simply use a sponge dampened with cold water. If, on the other hand, the stains are coffee or chocolate, better dab with lukewarm water.

The waterproof nubuck chairs for the night area

poltrona Clara
Clara armchair with metal structure, padded and covered in waterproof nubuck with contrasting border.

When a chair is placed in the sleeping area, various functions are expected: sitting to tie shoelaces, reading a book or some messages on the smartphone, placing clothes and bags that must be worn again the day after. The Clara armchair has a delicate design, a classic structure and a soft seat covered in waterproof nubuck to choose from a wide colour palette, with the details of the border to pick in a contrast shade.

Have you lit some scented candles and a few drops of wax ended up on your chair? To clean the waterproof nubuck, in this case, you will have to gently remove the wax with a spatula or a blunt knife and then remove the last residues with a cloth dampened with a specific solvent for dry cleaning.

Waterproof nubuck chairs for the office

sedia Hisa in waterproof nabuk
Hisa chair with lacquered metal structure, padded and upholstered monocoque. Tower coffee table with lacquered metal structure and natural marble top.

Even an office can benefit from the soft touch of waterproof nubuck that makes the environment more comfortable as well as professional. For those who are looking for an alternative to the classic office chair, Bontempi Casa proposes Hisa: the futuristic design of the lacquered metal structure perfectly matches with the coffee table, meeting the softness of the padded shell upholstered thanks to the waterproof nubuck fabric.

Even in the digital era, ink stains can occur. How to clean the waterproof nubuck to make the chairs come back like they were new? The solution is gently dabbing with a cloth dampened with alcohol.

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