A precious gift from nature, for large tables and chairs that complement your furniture with style.


Oak is a majestic tree, a long-lived plant that can last three centuries. In Italy it grows up especially in the Pianura Padana but it is also widespread in the rest of the country. It loves the sun and, thanks to its strong and robust roots, it can grow even on steep slopes and up to 600-800 meters above sea level. In the woods, it is common to see oak trees next to other green broad-leaved trees such as beech, common ash, hornbeam, wild linden, chestnut or mountain maple.

From ancient times to present days, oak wood has always been considered very valuable. Its solidity and water resistance makes it an ideal material for naval and maritime constructions, for load-bearing structures and heavy carpentry works in general.
Its peculiar scent, on the other hand, is the feature chosen to manufacture the so-called “aging barrels” for the aging of wines, the so-called barriques. Last but not least, oak is a highly valued material for the construction of solid and refined luxury furniture like those featured in the Bontempi Casa catalogue. Natural solid oak wood, in particular, is used for large tables and chairs.


Solid wood is obtained from the central oldest and most resistant part of the tree trunk. The only treatment that it requires before being used to build furniture for our homes is seasoning, that helps to eliminate the humidity of fresh wood. Its surface maintains the natural appearance of the wood, with the knots and rings that form during the life of each tree, and with the passage of time its colour may slightly darken. To exalt its natural qualities, the lateral external edge of Bontempi Casa table tops in solid natural oak retains the original shape of the tree trunk, giving the uniqueness of craftsmanship.

tavolo legno di rovere
Millennium XXL table with structure in lacquered metal and top in natural solid oak wood. Kelly chair with structure in natural solid oak wood.

With its warmth and natural appearance, oak makes every place more welcoming. Millennium XXL table is an example: solid and spacious, it seems made to host large family gatherings or cheerful lunches with friends, all comfortably seated on the soft Kelly chairs. Not only: the value of solid wood makes it suitable for a meeting room, to furnish the workplace with style and attention to detail.

sedia legno di rovere
Kelly chair with structure in natural solid oak wood and details in lacquered metal, covered in velvet. Millennium XXL table with top in solid natural oak wood.
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