How to transform your home into a comfortable love nest, now and for the whole year

Home is the safe and comfortable place that welcomes us every day. Choosing a warm and welcoming furniture for ourselves, but also for those we invite to enter and share our spaces, will have the positive effect of amplifying these sensations. How to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s Day? Here are the ideas to furnish your home with warmth and make it a real love nest (also) for every day of the year.

The ideal materials for a warm and welcoming decor

Warm and welcoming furnishings
Millennium table with structure in lacquered steel and top in solid Secular walnut wood. Clara quilted chair in terracotta Premium Leather.

A fundamental element to define a welcoming environment are the materials from which the furniture is made. A welcoming home cannot do without elements that evoke a certain naturalness, therefore a visible presence of wood with visible grain and soft, warm and enveloping fabrics such as wool and velvet. Wood is the material that most of all gives a feeling of warmth, because it recalls tradition and immediately makes you feel “at home”. A good starting point is parquet, to which you can add a table with a wooden top, but also a sideboard or a bookcase with wooden shelves, to create a warm and welcoming decor for Valentine’s Day dinner and more. The Bontempi Casa catalog includes essences such as walnut and natural oak, ideal for warming the atmosphere.

Warm and welcoming furnishings
Penelope chair with lacquered steel structure, padded and upholstered.

Seat upholstery, cushions, curtains and carpets: what do they have in common? They are all textile elements to be used to make the furniture warmer and more welcoming, as well as adding personality and color to the environment. Upholstered chairs and soft ottomans are therefore allies that should not be underestimated in the construction of your love nest, giving you all the comfort you want for an endless romance.

This does not mean that metals should be banned, on the contrary: they are useful for making the environment brighter. They must be carefully dosed and used to create shiny reflections that enliven the whole – avoiding the risk of it being opaque or flat.

Warm modern furniture with the right colors

Trends in modern furniture veer decisively towards “glacial” colors such as gray and blue, or towards total white. Certainly elegant solutions, but how to combine them with the desire for a warm and welcoming decor? The answer lies in the combinations, that is to choose one of these shades as a base to add two or three colors to warm the atmosphere. Color has great power in this sense and can influence our mood, so it is good to use it wisely. Combining colors at the antipodes is a gamble and will hardly give the desired result. Better to try to introduce warm or pastel shades more similar to the colors already present, adding soft curtains, pillows and maybe natural elements such as plants or flowers to harmonize everything.

Stackable Freak chair
Stackable Freak chair with lacquered steel structure and seat cushion upholstered and covered in waterproof nabuk.

Introducing color accents on a neutral base is an effective idea for obtaining a warm and welcoming decor also for another reason: it allows you to add a touch of personality to the environment. A house that says little about its inhabitants will always be cold and uncomfortable. On the contrary, if it reflects the tastes and style, it will immediately appear more welcoming. That’s why there is nothing better than surrounding yourself with your favorite colors, as well as decorating the walls with souvenir photos, paintings and prints, to give warmth to the environment. Bontempi Casa upholstered chairs are available in a wide range of materials and colors: discover them and find your favorite with the online configurator to start “coloring” your home.

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