Kiko Gaspar works in fashion, luxury, design, events and communication. He loves to travel and his two dogs – from whom he named his companies.

To the question “What do you do?”, Kiko Gaspar replies “what do I do NOT do?”.

He is fluent in Italian and speaks a very refined  English. He’s Portuguese and he also speaks Spanish, travels around the world looking for himself and new passions since he was a kid.


“My name is Kiko, I was born in a beautiful and sunny Lisbon, I lived in Madrid, Milan and Slovenia for some time, but I’ve been living in London for 10 years and it’s definitely home now. I’m the founder and CEO of three different companies, so every day it’s a busy day”. Kiko Gaspar Communications is a communication, public relations, branding and events company. “All what I love most” – he says. Collaborations with International artists and designers are many  – among them Magnus Gjoen, Endless, Fun Affair, Maria Patrona, SHWE.

Recently Kiko has started “Maria Amalia” that was named after one of his beloved dogs. It’s a pet-friendly co-working space located in London and Lisbon, its two homes. His latest project is “House of Sebastião Maria” (the name of his second dog), a boutique guesthouse based in Shoreditch, the coolest district in London town.

Kiko never gives up and certainly knows how to express his creativity in many different ways. With his British-styled suits and waistcoats made by Vivienne Westwood, Mr. Gaspar looks like a perfect British gentleman, but with a lovely Portuguese accent.




Where do you work?

Everywhere. I work abroad, on planes, in cafés, on the go, at home…Home is a multitasking environment for me. That’s why I’ve opened “House of Amalia” two years ago in London and Lisbon. The houses are both minimalistic, fresh, open spaces, filled with plants, art and fashion magazines, and of course pets! It’s a modern and dynamic space, a hub of activities made for those, like me, who work with their laptop and smartphone, but also have dogs and cats”. Here, everyone can bring his own pets – they truly help relaxing our mind and develop creativity, according to science.

How’s your home? Describe it in 3 words.

Minimalistic, modern, and it could’t be it without my dogs!

Which is your favorite room of the house and why?

“The bedroom. It is a space where I can really relax and just be with Maria Amalia and Sebastião, read or watch TV and finally sleep”.

According to your opinion, which piece of furniture you must have in these rooms of the house and why?


  • Entrance: “Coat rack. It’s nice to get home and immediately take off your coat, for me it feels like I’m removing myself from work for the day and can enjoy just being home”.
  • Living room: “Fireplace. It creates the perfect mood for the room and makes winter nights much better”.
  • Kitchen: “A large dining table, for sharing meals or drinks with friends, family and people I love”.
  • Bedroom: “A memory foam mattress. It’s really important to get a good night rest and have the energy to go through the day afterwards”.
  • Garden/terrace: “Bird bath. Call me old-fashioned or just an animal lover but listening to the birds in the garden makes me feel calm, especially working in busy London”.


3 things that your dream home should have…

“A big garden for my dogs; a paddock for horses, because I really love horse-riding. And then a fireplace for the cold winter nights. Oh, and also a wide kitchen, as I like hosting dinner parties, so a big dining area would be fabulous”.

What do you do when you can relax at home?

“I drink a glass of wine on the couch, with my dogs next to me”.

What does “home” mean to you?

Home is my safe place, here I can live without worries. I grew up in Lisbon, surrounded by love, and I still enjoy going back there in the summer, but I’ve been living in London for so long now, that I have all my friends here, as much as work and my pets. I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else”.


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