Which new products await us in the year that has just begun? Here are some clues to imagine the next domestic scenarios

2020 was a complex year, but it did not affect our desire for renewal. We have continued to study and research solutions to bring something new to our catalog and offer you products that are increasingly suitable for personalizing your home spaces. So what is cooking for 2021? For the moment, we can only anticipate some clues about finishes, details, design …

Innovative and unique of its kind, SuperMarble reveals a new and sophisticated finish. This exclusive material patented by Bontempi Casa and used for the top of the most elegant tables reproduces the brilliance and magnificent natural veins of marble, while offering infinitely greater functionality and durability. The Noir Desir variant, as warm as earth tones with golden streaks, will now also be available with a matte finish.

Novità Bontempi Casa 2021

Still on the subject of tables, among the most iconic models by Bontempi Casa there are those characterized by the crossed-legged structure. The result of a great deal of design work, that we have also carried out in these months full of unknowns, they represent decorative elements capable of creating a focal point in the environment in which they are placed. A big news is coming right in this special category of products.

Novità Bontempi Casa 2021

Some of the most popular chairs in the Bontempi Casa catalog change their look. The Margot chair, for example, becomes more elegant and sophisticated than ever: the backrest in Premium Leather is enriched with a detail that emphasizes its artisan nature and the vocation to define a refined and welcoming furniture. Quality of raw materials, attention to detail and innate refinement will be the stylistic coordinates also in this 2021 that has just begun.

Stay tuned on Bontempi Casa channels, other news will be unveiled soon.

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