Face to face with a passionate stylist and her house, full of lights, suggestions and wonderful mirrors "She will be called Chiara because she will bring light with her smile".

Face to face with a passionate stylist and her house, full of lights, suggestions and wonderful mirrors


“She will be called Chiara because she will bring light with her smile”.

So my name was chosen, looking for a light that I follow every day.
Nomen omen, it is said, and I realized how true it was one evening when the electricity had gone away and to raise the sad mood, I opened an old wardrobe containing my grandmother’s clothes and accessories and I improvised a candle light catwalk, forcing the whole family to participate. Furs and spangles have given us a smile, and I immediately understood what my vocation would be.


In the beginning, clothes for me had that power: to make the atmosphere shine, to brighten the moods. Through the sequins on the clothes of the dolls and in the dressing room, during the shopping sessions after a bad day. The truth is that they still do it, but sometimes I find it hard to remember it. When you can transform your passion into your work, initially it may seem like a dream come true, but it can happen to lose sight of why you started, what drove you to do it. It is there that you need to find yourself and the motivations that have prompted you to start.
But my name is Chiara for a reason and, when needed, I know how to re-balance the areas of light and bring joy. On the job, of course: that of the fashion stylist is a constant commitment to the pursuit of the perfect outfit, the trendy décolleté, the detail capable of illuminating the wearer and giving an added value to a shot, a video, a happening.
And then, even and above all, at home: it is here that I can devote myself to my areas of light and rediscover the harmony that I miss between one shooting and another.
That’s why one of my favorite purchases is the Tiffany coffee table.


Those handles seem to indicate that someone will bring it to you, covered with sweets, like a tray. That someone is me: I spend my days available to models and make-up artists, but when I get home, what I want is a treat for me.


 width=My house is bright and it is not only a question of windows, gimmicks with draperies and strategic calculations of the golden hour, but it is also thanks to the mirrors that I have carefully placed in strategic corners of the home. Perfect to reflect not only the sun’s rays, but also the smiles of everyone who comes to visit me.
Break hit me at first glance. I like it because it is split but compact, and this dual nature seems fitting: even I am “in pieces” when I come back from work, but I always keep myself together, I never let myself go. And just a glimpse to its frame is enough to remind me of it.


My favorite piece? I have no doubt, it is Clara, the leather chair with steel legs. It  width=intrigued me first of all for the composition and convinced with its color: a tip of very elegant cobalt blue, chosen by the greatest painters, such as Renoir and Van Gogh, and because it owes its strength to what has been defined as its strength, or “its superior brilliance that knows how to overwhelm all the other nuances.”

But it is also its beautiful name that has persuaded me, so similar to mine … impossible not to notice it. I thought it would welcome me after a day of running between sets, it would be my daily shelter. And so it was.

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