When a house for two welcomes a four-legged puppy, the living room looks brighter.

Sara and Matteo have just returned home: they close the door behind them, taking care not make any noise. They do not want to scare the little animal huddled in a small red plastic cage that Matteo holds in his arms. Without even taking off their jackets, the two rest the cage in the middle of the bright living room. Sara loosens the door of the cage, opens it, and immediately moves away, almost on tiptoe to make even less noise.

A few seconds later, a pink snout appears with a pair of white mustaches. A red head emerges from the cage lined with old newspapers: a copper-colored cat looks around, curious rather than frightened, studying the spacious living room, invaded by the light of the sun that overflows from the very high windows.

Matteo and Sara hug each other for a moment, happy. They have waited so long for this moment: to share their home with a puppy, that now leans out halfway through the carriage. It sniffs the perfumed air of Sara’s favorite lavender candles. In a few seconds the kitten takes courage and begins to explore the new world, its new home. Slowly but surely, it approaches the crystal table. It turns around, holding its big hazel eyes wide open in front of those new shapes.

Fusion table with matt white anti-scratch velvet glass top, natural silver structure and white statuary marble base. Kelly chair in solid natural oak wood covered with gray violet lulu fabric.




Sara and Matteo are also passionate about design and have furnished their home with extreme care, down to the smallest detail, to make it truly personal. On the wall there are countless frames of different sizes with photos of their travels. Soon they will add more of the newcomer.

They really cared that the new guest could be immediately at ease, so the day before the arrival of the puppy, taken by the enthusiasm, they spent at least two hours at the pet shop. Now in the living room they also have: a round kennel of soft fake fur, a white and blue scratching post and lots of puppets. Too many, according to Matteo, but only according to him.

Meanwhile, the kitten seems to appreciate the design choices of its owners. After jumping joyously from the cream-colored sofa to the crystal table, it now stretches upwards, trying to reach the twin lamps, one white and one black, suspended just above. It sounds like a really fun game.

Expecting the impending mess, Sara runs towards it and takes the cat in her arms, murmuring a “No, no, kitty …”, and giving him two sound kisses on the fur of the coffee-colored neck on which she leaves a lipstick mark. The day passes so quickly, with the two completely enchanted by a hairy creature happened by chance in their lives, but that already has all their attention.

Gloria, suspension lamp in lacquered steel with deep black and white rosette.

At nightfall, when the windows are dried from the sunlight, the lamps of the house light up and give off warm vibrations that make the nest of Matteo and Sara even more intimate.

It was a day full of emotions and the two are dozing off on the couch, letting an old film in the late evening rock them. The kitten, on the other hand, has rolled up on one of the upholstered chairs in the living room, despite the new bed waiting for it in a corner. So curled up, the red tail – streaked in brown almost like a snake – almost reaches its eyes.

Penelope chair in purple orange lulu fabric with purple red velvet button; and deep black structure; Penelope chair in oil lulù fabric with emerald green velvet button and natural silver structure..

Sara and Matteo have decided to call it Vincent, like Vincent Van Gogh, the twentieth-century red-haired visionary painter whose sunflowers are hanging on the wall at the back of the room. From today the house of the two is a bit fuller of love and color.



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