It’s holiday time, the beach house is ready, but do we know how to enjoy it at its most?

A white and pink-striped wall that seems to come out from a 50s fairy tale book. A balcony facing the ocean. You can see a very small dock from afar where a group of fishermen fumble about with boats and fishnets. White, perfectly square-shaped, tables covered with linen tablecloths, ceramic plates and wine glasses that have not been filled in yet. There is also a centrepiece made of green leaves and fresh fruits, picked from the orchards nearby. All around, you can hear the sound of the waves and feel the wind that blows through the rose-bay branches, the seagulls, the buzz of a cheerful bee.

It’s the beach house. It feels good, fresh, clean. It feels like a well-deserved holiday that has finally come. It’s been closed for a while, but the windows are now wide open and the August sunlight shines through. We can enjoy it only for a few weeks a year, but that does not mean it can’t feel like Home.

8.00 am

The alarm rings later at the beach house. We wake up with light heart and the head feels like a feather. It flies to the kitchen and we prepare a healthy breakfast that we can eat outside, under the bloomed rose-bay’s shadow. The chairs at the beach house seem more comfortable than the ones used in everyday life. Maybe because of the fresh air of the sea? The chairs are white, transparent or light-coloured. There is also a pouf, stuffed with a soft pillow, and a few small bookcases – to place all the books that we can finally read now.


 /></a><em>Diesis table, with outdoor lacquered metal structure and a crystal or anti-scratch crystal top; Gipsy chair made in white polypropylene for outdoor; Boss barstool in white outdoor lacquered metal.</em></p>
<p><em>10.00 am</em></p>
<p>It’s time to go to the beach. We can enjoy the sand under the feet and the free time, and dive into the sea. The bravest ones go for a kayak tour, others go for a nice walk on the seashore. Everyone needs a break then, it’s lunch time.</p>
<p><em>1 pm</em></p>
<p>Rice salad, fresh tomato with mozzarella and basil, some water jugs with ginger and lemon, seasonal vegetables. Lunch is served to all our guests, friends and family. Tasting good food and sitting comfortably with a sea-view is one of the joys we miss the most over winter time.</p>
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<p><em>Alis Outdoor table, made in outdoor lacquered metal; Mood Outdoor chairs in outdoor lacquered metal with prolypopylene shell.</em></p>
<p><em>4 pm</em></p>
<p>The afternoon at the beach house can change from day to day: sometimes we’d rather go on a boat-tour, sailing along the coastline; other times we prefer to relax in the courtyard, reading our books, playing cards and, why not, doing something we don’t usually do in winter time – such as gardening or decoupage. Otherwise, we simply feel the need to relax while looking at the ocean.</p>
<p><em>7 pm</em></p>
<p>It’s time for an aperitif. A pair of drinks on the seashore or on the balcony, a practical coffee table and two poufs in order to make the best of this romantic moment.</p>
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<p><em>Tao coffee table, made in outdoor lacquered metal; and Boss pouf, in outdoor lacquered metal.</em></p>
<p><em>10 pm</em></p>
<p>After dinner, the beach house comes alive, citronella candles light up and you can feel a lot of joy around. Tomorrow we won’t have to work, the alarm will ring late, we will be sitting comfortably on the white chairs, with the head leaned against the white and pink-striped wall.</p>


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