If you are already looking forward to enjoying the summer outdoor, choose the perfect terrace tables and chairs that suit you

Enjoying the good weather on the terrace is everything we dream of! Summer is coming so it’s time to prepare the outdoor area for the relaxing moments ahead. We must keep in mind a few tips regarding the choice of tables and chairs for the terrace and we will have the ideal environment for a wonderful summertime. The first thing to do is to see how much space we have available and decide how we want to use it. Then, let’s choose the furniture accordingly. Family lunches, cocktail parties with friends, relaxing readings… How will you spend your time on the terrace?

Diesis fixed table with metal structure and polished glass top. Hidra chairs with polypropylene structure.

Those who love having lunch outdoor will be happy to create a dining area on their terrace, choosing from the most suitable outdoor tables and chairs for this purpose. A terrace table of this type is Diesis: light and easy to move if necessary, it has an essential design to complement the environment with sober elegance and optimize the use of space. An outdoor chair that perfectly matches Diesis is Hidra, made of polypropylene, available in neutral or more vibrant shades, from powder blue to mustard yellow. This helps us to create a cheerful and fun mood! Complete everything with an equipment in summer colours, perhaps replacing the classic tablecloth with modern coloured linen runners, and the season of outdoor dining can begin.

Galaxy stackable stool
Galaxy stackable stool with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

Do you prefer eating in a traditional dining room and using the terrace for aperitifs and refreshing drinks? That’s fine: to organize a perfect cocktail party you do not need a large table set, but smaller tables to place glasses and saucers at the right time, and some chairs to create a conversation corner. Remember to leave enough space so your guests are free to move around. If you choose high tables, you can pick some practical and colourful stools like Galaxy, one of Bontempi Casa most iconic and recognizable pieces. The geometric motif of the backrest and the captivating tints are perfect for outdoor furniture used over summer. Also, the Galaxy barstools can be easily stacked one on the other and are resistant to water, rain and bad weather.

Outdoor chairs
Gipsy stackable chair with armrests and integral structure made of Polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass. Pattern magazine tables in worked metal.

Finally, don’t forget to spare a few moments for yourself, to your readings or simply to a relaxing break. Gipsy outdoor chair will welcome you just fine: its comfortable backrest will invite you to relax. Complete your outdoor corner with Pattern, that can be used as a practical coffee table where you can place a fruit basket or some drinks and it can turn into a magazine rack as well, so you never run out of inspiration.

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