Bontempi Casa is the official partner of “Cibo a Refola d’Arte”, a fair dedicated to good food and nutrition, organised by Corriere della Sera in Milan.

Cibo a Regola d’Arte, an event by Corriere della Sera dedicated to the culture of nutrition, becomes a real festival this year, with a series of talks, meetings, tastings, cooking workshops and labs for kids. From May 16 to 19 at Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini, Milan, there will be many people on stage, among them, chefs, artists, communication experts and scientists.

Bontempi Casa is one of the official partners of the event, therefore the pieces of furniture displayed in all the spaces of the fair will have the signature of the Ancona-based brand. Starting with a cooking masterclass, where Michelin-starred chefs and experts will work along with journalists and celebrities in a performance blending entertainment, journalism and cooking. There you will see the Millennium table, with a lacquered metal structure and a durmast top, and the Mood chairs, made of durmast and fabric shell with or without armrests.


Piazza delle Attivazioni has a dense show schedule, between tastings and talks, and it will host guests talking about their own experiences, stories and companies, sitting on the Margot chairs – that have a solid wood and walnut wood structure, and a shell made of light grey leather, paired with the Kito coffee tables, made of lacquered metal, and the mustard yellow and anthracite Galaxy barstools.


Among the news of the upcoming edition of “Cibo a Regola d’Arte” event, there will be “Laboratorio di Idee” (The Ideas Lab). It will be an afternoon laboratory for creative minds to talk about their new projects oriented towards the future of food. Staging will be composed by the Uchi stuffed poufs and the caramel, blue-grey, light grey and white Galaxy barstools.


We invite our guests and all interior design lovers to stop by and discover, once again, the quality and style of Bontempi Casa pieces.

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