31 January 2023

The round table is chosen as an alternative to the classic rectangular or square tables when you want to give a touch of originality to the environment.

The round table is chosen as an alternative to the classic rectangular or square tables when you want to give a touch of originality to the environment. It is a recommended option for adding conviviality to a dining room, living room, kitchen or outdoor space. A round table allows diners the opportunity to sit comfortably and relate spontaneously with all the guests.

Round living room tables: inspiration and tips

The round table is a flexible piece of furniture , lending itself to multiple interpretations, depending on the décor in which it is placed. The rounded shape implies a different distribution of space, which must be done carefully so as not to overcrowd living spaces. The modern round table always instils a sense of elegance, and it is no coincidence that it is a piece reinterpreted by all the big names in design. Often, these models have only one central leg: this choice facilitates combinations, leaving buyers free to place a whimsical detail within a serious décor or vice versa.

Round tables, choose according to size.

Those who say that round tables are unsuitable for homes with small footprints are wrong. By carefully choosing the complementary furniture, it is possible to make the most of every corner of the homewithout sacrificing comfort.

Since the shape is round, the diameter must be measured to calculate its dimensions. A coffee table with a small diameter is more suitable as a piece of furniture in the living room: for example, to place magazines, books or to use the computer. The larger table, on the other hand, becomes the central element of the kitchen, on which meals are eaten and moments of conviviality are experienced in with  yourfamily or friends.

In order to allow for easy movement of seated diners, certain measurements must be observed: generally, it is considered that the space occupied by a person seated at the table is about 50 cm and they need at least another 25 cm to be able to stand up and move around comfortably.

These are the standard sizes:
-Diameter of round table for 4 persons: at least 77 cm

-Diameter of round table for 6 persons: at least 115 cm

-Diameter of round table for 8 persons: at least 153 cm

-Diameter of round table for 12 persons: at least 230 cm

Then there is the option of the extendable round table: like the rectangular structure, the same criteria are followed for the round one, with a sliding part underneath the table, precisely inside it, which is raised to extend the initial surface area. This system is activated with a simple hand gesture, without effort. Buying a round table, with the possibility to extend it at will, is a viable solution for the accomodation issues of many homes, especially in large cities.

Barone: Il tavolo rotondo firmato Bontempi Casa
Barone: Bontempi Casa Table

Round tables: which materials to choose

Whereas in the past , a certain uniformity of materials was preferred, favouring wood above all, today models made of different materials, such as steel, aluminium and glass, are more widespread.

For a classic , traditional style , fine woods are chosen: cherry or ash , which are extremely flexible yet retain a certain degree of ruggedness. For a modern style, one opts for a combination of materials, among which steel and aluminiumstand out. Although the most sought-after model with a strong personalityis still the round glass table. It is considered an element of elegance due to its original combination with other materials: the wood and steel of the structure, which perfectly match the transparency of the glass. Such a table finds its place in the living room where guests are received and happy hours are spent with the family. Or, it is also a suitable accessory for the office, for the meetings with your customers.

Four-legged round tables: advantages and disadvantages

Today, the most successful models have a single central leg. However, there are also round tables with four legs, which thus take up the lines of a square table. In this case, however, there are the same constraints as with a square or rectangulartable, i.e. the seats at the table are fixed: it is difficult to allow the diners to relate to each other in total freedom.

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