Central element of the living area, the table should always have a shape in harmony with the surrounding environment

When furnishing the living area, there is a question that sooner or later all will have to ask themselves: is it better to buy a rectangular or a square table? It is impossible to find the right answer for everyone, since much depends on the taste and style of furniture but also on the space available. Whether for the living room, the kitchen or the dining area, the table is an element that tends to play a central role in the room. This is why it is important to choose a design that follows your taste, but also a harmonious shape with respect to the surrounding environment.

Rectangular table

Let’s start with a practical matter: the rectangular table is the one that allows you to make better use of the space. Compared to a model with a square top, it allows to have a minimum footprint compared to the number of seats it guarantees. So choose it without delay if you love having guests for dinner. In addition, it is easy to move it next to a wall when you need to create more space for passage, for example to organize a cocktail party or a standing reception.

Imperial rectangular table
Imperial rectangular table with bracelet structure in lacquered steel and top in secular solid walnut wood. Sveva chairs with solid wood structure, upholstered and covered seat and back.

The Imperial rectangular table conquers with its original lacquered steel bracelet structure, composed of two elements that can also be chosen in slightly different shades or in contrasting colors to underline the geometric design and create a unique and personal mix. The top can be in wood, to give a touch of warmth to the furniture, or in glass to emphasize the modernity of the design. Imperial is also available in the extendable rectangular table version.

Square table

The square table has a larger footprint, and is mainly suitable for large environments where it can be placed in a central position. The proportions are important: if it is too small, it may appear as a marginal element in the room, on the contrary if it is too large it risks obstructing the passage around it. The square tables have the advantage of favoring conviviality and conversation among all the diners, without exception.

Versus square table
Versus square table structure in lacquered aluminum to match the top, solid wood legs and SuperMarble top. Also available rectangular. Kelly chairs with solid wood structure, padded and upholstered monocoque.

The Versus square table represents a choice in the name of decidedly modern elegance. The clean and essential design is enhanced by the quality of materials: solid oak, walnut or elm wood combined with a SuperMarble top with its typical veins or in crystal. SuperMarble is an innovative material, born from the combination of glass and porcelain stoneware, with a print that perfectly reproduces the natural luster and streaks of the stone. Durable and versatile, it is resistant to temperatures, shocks, chemical and organic substances.

So what about rectangular or square table?

After evaluating the characteristics of the two different types, it will be easier to identify the most suitable table to furnish your environment. Not before one last, but not least, advice: since we are talking about one of the most important pieces of furniture in the living area or kitchen, the table must reflect your taste and should never be banal. For this reason, the Bontempi Casa catalog is full of solutions designed to amaze and capture attention, always with the grace and elegance typical of made in Italy design. They range from rectangular or square tables in precious materials such as crystal, SuperMarble or SuperCeramic to tables whose top rests on structures that are real artistic sculptures, always customizable in the choice of colors and finishes – as you can experiment thanks to the Bontempi Casa configurator.

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