How to furnish this outdoor room to better enjoy the summer

Spring has come, the days are getting longer and nature awakens with many colorful and fragrant flowers: the time has come to prepare the terrace with outdoor tables and chairs to enjoy the good weather. With one eye on functionality and the other on the style of furniture, it is not difficult to choose the most suitable accessories for furnishing your outdoor spaces – which can be considered “rooms” of the house in all respects.

How to choose outdoor tables and chairs

There are a few simple rules to follow when choosing outdoor furniture, and they mainly concern functionality. With the right accessories, the terrace becomes an extension of the house, but it is good to remember that outdoor tables and chairs dedicated to this area will be exposed to sun, wind, rain… The materials play an important role from this point of view: the outdoor metal with which the Bontempi Casa outdoor table structures are made is subjected to a double treatment to ensure long life and resistance to external aggressions; for the tops, on the other hand, there are materials such as layered laminate, Fenix, crystal, Superceramic or Supermarble, combining durability and elegance for outdoor furniture. The chairs can also have a lacquered steel structure for outdoor use, but to add a touch of color there are also models in polypropylene and fiberglass, a resistant and totally waterproof material.

outdoor tables
Moon fixed outdoor table with lacquered steel structure and SuperCeramic top. Net stackable outdoor chair.

Another aspect to consider is that of the size of the outdoor table and the space it occupies together with the relative outdoor chairs: it is important to pay attention to the proportions to ensure the right freedom of movement on the terrace, as well as to furnish the environment in a balanced way. To get an idea, consider about a meter away from the edge of the table to the nearest obstacle, whether it is a wall or another piece of furniture.

Folding tables and chairs to enjoy the terrace

With the right furniture, the terrace can become a functional space to devote to everything we love to do during the summer, whether it’s eating outdoors or enjoying moments of relaxation in the sun and shade. Extendable console tables, folding outdoor chairs or stackable stools, double function poufs will be your best allies.

Poket folding chair with seat and back in polypropylene.

With a light and easy to move outdoor table it will be possible to use the terrace as a space for lunch for two or more people, but also for other moments in the family with board games or snacks all together. All accompanied by folding chairs that know how to combine comfort during use with the convenience of being able to store them in very little space when not needed. To create an outdoor relaxation corner where you can devote yourself to your favorite readings or simply enjoy the good weather, multitasking accessories can also be very useful that can act as a magazine rack, seat and table top all in one.

outdoor chair
Pattern magazine pouf in lacquered steel for outdoor. Gipsy chair with armrests with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber.
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