How to furnish the kitchen with the most beautiful and functional design chairs

Wanted Modern Kitchen Chairs. The chairs we choose for the kitchen speak of us and our way of living the house and above all conviviality. Those who experience lunch or dinner as a ritual will tend to favor the comfort of the seats, while those who often find themselves eating meals on the fly between one appointment and the other will rather focus on functionality. And then there are those who make improvisation a lifestyle, even in the kitchen, and will prefer light chairs, perhaps even folding ones in order to transform a solitary dinner into a last minute chat with friends. Here’s how to choose the right chairs for every kitchen.

Modern and light kitchen chairs

When furnishing the kitchen, you generally want to create a warm and comfortable environment, but one that is also functional for everyday activities. This is why modern kitchen chairs must be able to combine design and practicality. A particularly important aspect is the lightness of the chairs, to ensure maximum freedom of movement: it often happens that you have to move them while you are preparing food, as well as cleaning.

Seventy chair
Seventy chair with structure in lacquered or chromed steel, padded monocoque and covered in ecological leather and hide.

The Seventy chair has vintage and decidedly minimal lines, starting from the slender steel structure. The seat consists of an enveloping padded monocoque for greater comfort, to be declined in a wide range of colors to match any environment.

Polo chair
Polo chair with lacquered steel structure, polypropylene backrest and wooden seat.

The backrest of the Polo chairs is also enveloping, the design of which still remains in the name of maximum lightness. Available both as kitchen chairs and as stools for the peninsula, they can be an excellent furnishing solution to create continuity between the kitchen with island and the dining room.

POKET folding chair
Poket folding chair with seat and back in polypropylene.

Space-saving and versatile, the Poket folding chair has little to envy to other kitchen chairs in terms of design and comfort. And when not needed, it is easy to store it and keep everything in order with the wall hook or the special trolley available in the Bontempi Casa catalog.

Kitchen chairs in wood or polypropylene

Another factor to consider when choosing kitchen chairs is that of materials, always combining aesthetics and functionality. The ideal materials for modern kitchen chairs are those that guarantee solidity and impact resistance, but also easy maintenance, especially in the event of stains. Wood is a classic choice, it emphasizes the warmth of the environment and never tires, while polypropylene is suitable to younger and more modern kitchens.

KATE chair
Kate chair with solid wood legs, cross-shaped support in lacquered steel and wooden monocoque.

Minimalism is the hallmark of the Kate chair, all in oak or walnut. The structure is slender but solid, also thanks to the cross support, while the seat has decidedly essential lines. It is also available with a padded and quilted cushion, to be chosen in fabrics such as ecological leather or waterproof nubuck – the most suitable for a kitchen chair.

Galaxy chair
Galaxy chair with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber. Mago extendable console table with lacquered steel structure and glass top.

More pop is the design of the Galaxy chair in polypropylene and glass fiber, characterized by the unmistakable geometric pattern on the back. Available in different colors including white, dusty blue and mustard yellow, in case of stains it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Design kitchen table and chairs

Last but not least, the harmony between the kitchen table and chairs must be taken into consideration. The most modern furnishing trends recommend avoiding rigidity in favor of greater freedom of choice: even a single detail of the design is enough to tie them to have a pleasant effect. More often the chairs are combined with other furnishing elements that characterize the environment, for example by choosing the seats in the same color as the kitchen top. Green light to the imagination: discover all the possible solutions with the Bontempi Casa configurator!

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