The expression marble effect table, hides a conceptual dilemma. Is it better to choose a real marble top, i.e. to favour natural stone. Or go for so-called marble-effect materials?

The expression marble effect table, hides a conceptual dilemma. Is it better to choose a real marble top, i.e. to favour natural stone. Or go for the so-called marble-effect materials: for example, porcelain or ceramic tiles that reproduce the veining of marble but offer more guarantees in terms of impact resistance and ease of cleaning. In this short guide, you’ll find all the tips for a conscious and informed choice.

The undeniable charm of marble tables

If in the history of furniture so many big-name designers have tried their hand at designing marble tables, it means that this piece of furniture is a real must. But in addition to purely aesthetic remarks, there are also practical considerations to be made: marble is a natural stone, a limestone rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate, and comes in different colours, with more or less obvious veins. It is a strong and durable material but its surface is delicate: it it affedcted by wear, scratches and stains. Precisely for this reason, the slabs often undergo finishing treatments to make them more resistant and provide a sort of waterproofing. Nevertheless, the porosity of stone facilitates the absorption of liquids and oils: the risk of stains attacking the surface remains real.

On the other hand, its beauty is such that it is difficult to give up the privilege of caressing a marble tabletop: it is almost a spontaneous, natural, automatic gesture.

Often combined with a wooden frame, marble tables become true works of art. And, according to the latest trends, they are also proposed for kitchen furniture

Bontempi: Tavolo Artistico in SuperMarmo da salotto
Artistico, the living room table in SuperMarble by Bontempi Casa

Marble effect tables: inspiration and advice

Marble-effect materials can stand against virtually everything and are visually almost indistinguishable from the original: they reproduce the appearance of natural stone in both colour, veining and finish (which can be polished, matt or brushed). Moreover, they are not affected by grease, the first enemy of natural marble, and are very easy to clean with any type of detergent.
Among the most commonly used materials to reproduce the marble effect are glass ceramics, super ceramics and porcelain stoneware. Pressed and baked at very high temperatures (up to 1200-1400°C), these materials reach the state of vitrification, are completely water-repellent and very resistant. Porcelain stoneware and ceramics can be placed in both classical and important settings, as well as in contemporary and minimalist contexts : ensuring a touch of elegance and personality.

Why buy a faux marble table

Versatility is the key word. Those who opt for a faux-marble surface also gain total freedom in the design of the table: in terms of choice of shape (round, rectangular or oval as the latest trends suggest), size, andmatching with other furnishings in any area of the home.
Faux marble tables are suitable for any environment:
Dining tables: often large, for gathering many guests.
Coffee tables: also small in size but with original shapes.

Kitchen tables: often matched to the material of the island or worktop.
Meeting room tables: to welcome customers and employees on a surface with a strong aesthetic impact.
Outdoor tables: for a tasteful touch and to make the indoor and outdoor layout homogeneous.

Bontempi: Tavolo Artistico in SuperMarmo
Artistico, the SuperMarble table by Bontempi Casa

Bontempi SuperMarmo: technology and refinement 

The Bontempi SuperMarble is an innovative, unique material that combines the extraordinary characteristics of marble and transforms them into something that is modern and functional. It is born from the combination of glass and porcelain stoneware, to which is added a perfect marble print that echoes the natural shine and streaks of the most precious stone in the décor world. The result is an almost indestructible material , resistant to impact and the wear and tear of time, with a colour palette that can evolve according to taste and current trends. Particularly refined is SuperMarmo Choco: a warm and enveloping finishthat embraces the mouth-watering shades of chocolate with its nuances. In its play of chiaroscuro, we see the natural colours of the earth, from the deepest to the lightest beige and cream.

Bontempi: Tavolo Barone in SuperMarmo Choco
Barone fixed round table with lacquered steel frame and SuperMarble top
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