How to choose the ideal seats to make the decor of your home even more special

Essential accessories for the kitchen and living room as well as for the sleeping area, chairs are also used by design lovers to define the style of a corner or as a contrasting element to enliven the environment. They reveal a lot of the personality of those who choose them, of their style but also of their way of living the house. For those who love good design, Bontempi Casa’s made in Italy chairs can only be at the top of the wish list for furniture. Quality of raw materials, attention to detail and innate elegance characterize each model, from the classics to the most original and modern ones. In the catalog of the Ancona-based company there are in fact chairs with soft and sinuous lines such as Margot but also the bright colors of the iconic Galaxy in polypropylene, the modern elegance of Penelope and Freak, the functionality of the models for the outdoors and much more.

Margot chairs
Margot chair with base in solid walnut, monocoque with armrests, padded and covered in waterproof nabuk.

How to use made in Italy chairs to immediately make a home environment warmer and more welcoming? Materials such as solid wood and the fabrics with which the Margot chair can be upholstered are an excellent starting point. Its enveloping lines do the rest, especially in the version with armrests. Comfortable and welcoming, for the waterproof nubuck, ecological leather and premium leather covers, it is also available in a version with a quilted backrest – a style detail particularly suitable for furnishing the sleeping area.

Freak stackable chair
Freak stackable chair with lacquered steel structure, available for indoor and outdoor.

From the warmth of wood we move on to the modernity of lacquered steel, characterizing the Penelope and Freak chairs. The geometric and intriguing design on the seat and back makes Freak a model that lends itself to different styles of furniture, from industrial chic to the most refined minimalism, also thanks to its many color variations. Its look is then completed with the matching padded cushion, with which to create your favorite color combination.

Penelope chair
Penelope chair with lacquered steel structure, padded and upholstered in velvet.

The Penelope chair is also composed of a lacquered steel structure available in different colors, while the seat and back are padded and upholstered in a wide variety of materials, from velvet to premium leather. What detail makes the difference in defining the style of these made in Italy chairs? The central button of the backrest, that can be customized with matching or contrasting shades.

Galaxy stackable chair
Galaxy stackable chair with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber.

Another iconic model from the Bontempi Casa catalog is dedicated to those looking for modernity in made in Italy chairs, namely the Galaxy chair in polypropylene and glass fiber. It is part of the trend of chairs in plastic materials that in the last twenty years has also had great success in Italian design, and is noted for the geometric design of the backrest and for a color palette that truly meets all tastes with original colors such as mustard yellow, caramel and powder blue alongside the classic white, black and gray. Another feature that makes it stand out among the made in Italy chairs is its great versatility: solid, light and easy to clean, it is perfect as a kitchen chair or for the dining room, to give a touch of color to the living area or for decorating the garden.

These are just a few examples: in the Bontempi Casa catalog there are truly made in Italy chairs for all tastes and needs. To discover all the customization possibilities, all that remains to do it is to try the configurator and unleash the imagination.

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