If there is one piece that is immediately synonymous with high-end Italian design in the collective imagination, it is certainly the sofa: one of the most important pieces of furniture, both within a domestic context and in a professional environment

If there is one piece that is immediately synonymous with high-end Italian design in the collective imagination, it is certainly the sofa: one of the most important furnishing elements, both within a domestic context and in a professional environment. When choosing a sofa, there is always a discriminating starting point: is it better in leather or fabric? The answer is: better made.

Regardless of the material, a solid model that is aesthetically pleasing and durable should be chosen.

Better a leather or a fabric sofa: criteria for choosing

Robustness is certainly a starting point, but there are other aspects that come into play when choosing a leather or fabric sofa: the shape and style must fit the context. Colour is key: you can opt for colours in continuity with the rest of the room. Or break away: choose a colour with a strong impact, which becomes the absolute protagonist in the room. Then there is the matter of maintenance, in the sense of washability: fabric sofas, if they have removable covers, ensure easy washing, sometimes without even having to go to the laundry. Leather proposals are potentially more fragile, exposed to abrasions or cuts. Therefore, a purely rational choice between a leather or fabric sofa is not possible: the subjective aspect always prevails in the aesthetic and functional evaluation. The Antares collection, for example, has a strong personality in both leather and fabric: its compact design and stitching make it both modern and elegant. Its slim armrests and backrests enclose generous upholstered shapes. Its minimalist lines of the structure and the high seats are an ideal combination to ensure relaxation.

Divano da soggiorno Antares firmato Bontempi Casa
Antares, sofa with minimal lines, signed Bontempi Casa

The irresistible charm of the leather sofa

Leather or fabric sofa? Those who choose a leather sofa usually tend to favour design: they want a pivotal element in terms of beauty, capable oflasting. Not surprisingly, a well-made leather sofa retains its charm, even when it is a little worn. It is essential that the leather is periodically treated with special products so that it remains soft to the touch.

On the other hand, a drawback of leather sofas is the fact that their covers are not  removable, so a proper washing is not possible: usually, one tends to clean them with a damp cloth. This is something to consider when choosing between leather and fabric sofa, especially if there are animals or very young children in direct contact with the sofa.

Why choose a fabric sofa

If the leather sofa is a great classic, the demand for fabric  sofas is increasing on the market. In recent years, there has been a hyper production in terms of creativity: the fabrics most commonly used to cover sofas are cotton and linen. But today designers indulge in creating increasingly distinctive designs in terms of shape, volume and colour.

Apart from the aesthetic aspect, it is essential to opt for a practical, durable and high-quality fabric. Poor fabrics, maybe mixed with synthetics, can quickly fray, form different coloured streaks, and give rise to small, unsightly lint pellets. The great plus of fabric sofas is that the covers of almost all of them are removable, and therefore washable. That said, it is also true that they are more susceptible to attack by mites and bacteria and tend to absorb household odours.

Artistico, il tavolo in tessuto per arredare il tuo soggiorno
Artistico by Bontempi Casa is the fabric sofa suitable for furnishing your living room

Choose between leather or fabric sofa depending on location

The doubt between leather or fabric can be resolved by considering where the sofa will be placed in the home. There are, for example, models intended for lesser-used spaces, such as entrances or corridors, or designed as supports for the living room or bedroom. They are often small in size, chosen more for beauty than for frequent use: in these cases, preference is given to leather, which is even capable of improving its appearance with the passage of time. The fabric versions, with removable covers, are more suitable for sofas that are used intensively and continuously.

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